Good morning, do you know how this email got to your inbox?

Most of us take for granted the fact that our inboxes are consistently filling up with emails, but few stop to think about how those emails reach us. As digital marketers, it’s imperative that we understand the process. The emails we send to our subscribers need to reach their inboxes, but getting there isn’t as straightforward as many believe; your subscribers aren’t managing their own inboxes anymore — the inbox providers are doing it for them.

On Friday, we kicked off a weeks-long series focused on email deliverability. Throughout my own career in digital, I worked hands-on in email marketing environments with companies ranging from SMBs to large enterprises. In this series, I want to share my own learnings, from best practices to improved processes, and establish a dialogue amongst digital marketers about the importance of deliverability. After all, your email marketing won’t help you reach your business goals if it doesn’t reach the inbox.

Last week, Foursquare acquired analytics and attribution company Placed for an undisclosed amount. Placed, previously owned by Snap, will merge into Foursquare’s analytics platform and be rebranded “Placed powered by Foursquare.” Placed uses first and third-party app data and panel-based measurement for ad-to-store attribution. The companies seek to address the online to offline attribution gaps many marketers face.

Read on below for more, including your Pro Tip on creating a retention strategy for apps, findings from a recent CDP Institute survey and more. Have a great Monday!

Jennifer Cannon,
Senior Editor

Pro Tip

Here’s why a retention strategy for apps is a must

“Ninety percent of apps downloaded today are never opened again,” warns Laura Collins of Merkle. “To avoid ending up in the ‘scrAppheap,’ create remarketing lists of users that have downloaded the app but not started their free trial and target them with app engagement campaigns. They aren’t going to remember it’s there by themselves; you need to provide that reminder.”

“As for users that have started their free trial, don’t let them slip away at 29 days. Make sure that when their free trial is about to end, they are reminded of some great content they haven’t explored yet, or maybe the option to refer a friend for a reduced price for a month. All too easily people jump from one free trial to another, so don’t assume that you’ll keep them as a customer without some investment.”

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Integration is a top priority when choosing martech

The CDP Institute conducted a survey with 272 of its members to gather more insights into how they use customer data platforms and, on a broader level, their experiences around martech —  including the top factors that impact marketing technology purchasing decisions. The survey results revealed “integration with internal systems” was the top criteria when evaluating martech.

Breadth of features and ability to integrate with external systems were also at the top of the list. Oddly, “availability of workers, consultants and service providers familiar with the product” fell much further down the list, which indicates there’s little concern over having the right training or talent in place to take full advantage of the martech a company implements.

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