Good morning are you easily distracted when browsing the interwebs?

As marketers, we understand the value of making a memorable first impression. When you’re conducting business online, that first impression is often your website. If your site visitors are bombarded with pop-ups, irrelevant calls-to-action or even slow load times, it might be time to take a closer look at your behavior metrics and conversions.

While we strive to be digitally innovative, some of the tactics we deploy are distracting site visitors when we should be trying to keep their attention. According to Tobii Pro, a Swedish company that produces eye control and eye tracking technologies, one brand removed the clutter from each stage of their buying process and increased conversions by 30%.

Also, the importance of designing for mobile cannot be overstated. A cluttered website means longer loading times, which is a huge turn-off to users. According to Adobe’s State of Content Report,  53% of mobile users will leave any web page that takes more than three seconds to load. That’s not very long to make a lasting first impression on your audience.

There’s much more to read below, including a Pro Tip on GDPR, a big update for Dropbox Plus users, funding news from the API realm and a new platform announcement from Tangoe. Happy reading!

Jennifer Cannon,
Senior Editor

Pro Tip

Here’s one of the most significant effects of GDPR on marketers and brands

“Marketers are now controllers, even when they do not realize that they are. This exposes them to legal hazards, and will ultimately cause them to be more careful about the targeting that is used in their campaigns,” explains Johnny Ryan of Brave Software. “In June, the European Union’s highest court ruled that marketers are responsible for how data is used in marketing campaigns – even if they never directly touch the data.”

“The [court] ruled that a marketer’s use of Facebook for advertising ‘gives Facebook the opportunity to place cookies on the computer or another device of a person visiting its fan page, whether or not that person has a Facebook account.’ In addition, the court observed that the marketer ‘can ask for — and thereby request the processing of – demographic data relating to its target audience such as age, sex, relationships, occupation, lifestyles, areas of interest, purchases and online purchasing habits and geographical data.’ According to the court, a marketer is therefore ‘a controller responsible for that processing.'”

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MarTech Minute

New updates from Dropbox and more money for RapidAPI

Dropbox gets new features and more storage. Dropbox has doubled the storage capacity for its Dropbox Plus users to 2 terabytes and added the Dropbox Smart Sync feature that makes it easy to move out-of-date items from the user’s hard drive to the cloud. It also announced new features it will soon be rolling out, including full-text search, which lets users search the text content of files using keywords versus a filename or extension, and a rewind feature to undo accidental edits and restore deleted work. The cost for Dropbox Plus is $11.99 a month, or $119.88 if you pay it annually.  

RapidAPI lands $25 million in funding. The API marketplace RapidAPI has raised $25 million in Series B funding led by Microsoft’s Venture Fund M12, with help from DNS Capital, Andreessen Horowitz and Green Bay Capital. This brings RapidAPI’s total funding to $37.5 million. “We started RapidAPI to help developers better manage and consume external APIs, and now we enable them to share and collaborate on internal APIs too, allowing them to work with greater velocity and efficiency,” said RapidAPI CEO Iddo Gino. During the past year, the company has expanded its team to 50 employees, increased the number of APIs in its public marketplace by 2,000 (from 8,000 to 10,000) and captured more than 33% of publicly available APIs.

Tangoe launches comprehensive platform solution. The enterprise technology management provider Tangoe has rolled out Tangoe Platform, offering a fixed, mobile and cloud solution to assist with program, expense and asset management needs. Powered by the company’s automation technology, the new solution helps enterprise organizations optimize fixed expenses, launch new mobile programs and manage cloud spending. “Tangoe is changing how companies manage their technology programs, expenses and assets,” said CEO Bob Irwin, “Our customers manage their technology programs, expenses and assets in one way — with one complete solution — across their entire business.”

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