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Are you unsure of how to treat your “unknown user” data? I can assure you, you’re not alone. Many organizations struggle to accurately unify customer data, yet it is a critical component to achieving the full view of your customer. Customer data platform mParticle released its new User Aliasing API to help organizations manage — and merge — customer profiles.

Merging the “anonymous user” data into customer records could allow marketers better insight into the full customer journey for each customer and a better understanding of the customer lifecycle. 

There’s more for you below, including a Pro Tip from me on driving retention with your new subscribers. 

Jennifer Cannon,
Senior Editor 

Pro Tip

Focused email marketing retention efforts could bring long-term success

“Digital marketers who notice a trend among their subscribers during high-volume periods like Amazon Prime Day and Cyber Week should keep this at the forefront of their email marketing efforts,” explains Senior Editor Jen Cannon. “We know that consumers respond positively to personalization, and incorporating personalized elements in your welcome campaigns and post-purchase emails will keep those subscribers opted-in and engaged — and could lower your unsubscribe rate to help your business retain those new customers.”

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Untangling Attribution’s Web of Confusion: A Primer for Marketers

Sponsored by Nielsen

Advertisers, analysts, agencies and vendors can’t seem to agree on a common understanding of marketing attribution.This whitepaper eliminates confusion and cuts through the hype with a deep dive into three leading measurement approaches.

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MarTech Minute

Giant Partners’ latest acquisition and a new social data mining tool

Giant Partners acquires Worxstudio Marketing. Data provider Giant Partners is opening a new digital marketing division with its purchase of Worxstudio Marketing.”Our customers always ask us how to best utilize data in the modern marketing landscape. After the acquisition, we not only have great answers for them, but have the ability to help them succeed with a complete digital marketing service.”

Unmetric launches new social mining tool. The new solution includes “outliers” capabilities which allow users to mine granular data for insights from social content with above-average engagement rates. It also allows digital marketers to dive deeper into posts to find key engagement drivers. “Marketers today are data-rich but insight poor — and social media plays a significant part in the ongoing data deluge,” said Lux Narayan, CEO of Unmetric, “Unmetric’s mission has always been to help brands cut through the noise in the battle for mindshare and get straight to the insights that matter most about their competitors’ content. The outliers feature refines this further by taking that universe of social posts from competing brands and spotlighting the most attention-worthy content in its own visual feed that’s easy to follow and react to.”

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