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Email marketing and analytics provider Litmus released a number of new updates, including integrations with major cloud providers like DropBox, Google Drive and Microsoft. The new integrations are expected to help marketers streamline processes and improve collaboration by ensuring that all team members are working on the most up-to-date version of a file. Users will also be able to import HTML files directly in a move that could eliminate tedious copy-and-paste errors that slow us down. 

In addition to the integrations. Litmus announced enhancements to how users manage personally identifiable information (PII) by disabling fields containing PII and replacing them with unique tracking codes for each email. The feature will allow Litmus users to track email metrics at the subscriber level.

There’s much more for you below, including your Pro Tip on growing your account-based marketing lists.

Jennifer Cannon,
Senior Editor

Pro Tip

Evolve your ABM list by expanding "account" personas

“While we usually think of personas as applying to the roles and responsibilities of people, the same idea can be useful in describing and distinguishing between different companies in your total addressable market,” explains John Steinert of TechTarget. “If you’ve already done the good work of defining your ideal customer profile, you’ve created a form of persona framework – applied here instead to the companies you want to include for specialized ABM treatments. Yet as we’ve seen with personas and people here as well, it’s easy to fall prey to too much rearview-mirror thinking – developing an ABM list based on successes of the past rather than what’s best going forward. Without change, this will reduce your ABM success.”

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MarTech Minute

Salesforce Essentials has new support for small businesses, Perkuto launches new division as part of Open Data Initiative

Salesforce adds new channel capabilities to Salesforce Essentials. Small businesses using Salesforce Essentials will be able to engage with their customers directly via Facebook Messenger, Instagram and YouTube. The platform previously only supported Facebook pages and Twitter, allowing small businesses to communicate directly with their customers. In addition to the expanded social capabilities, Salesforce Essentials will also offer real-time chat conversations and out-of-the-box phone support built into the CRM.

Perkuto launches Perkuto Labs. AMarketo partner, Perkuto will launch a new business division part of the Open Data Initiative launched between Adobe (which owns Marketo), Microsoft and SAP. The new department will serve as the company’s research and innovation division. “As the only Marketo Platinum partner to remain loyal to one single platform, Marketo Engage, we feel we need to do more than just implement and optimize the platform for customers. It’s our duty to champion the use of Marketo throughout large enterprise organizations and to remove any barriers to entry if the customer is running Microsoft, SAP, or other Adobe products,” said Michelle Miles, Perkuto’s Vice President of Consulting Services.

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