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Email marketing is all about trust. As senders, we need to ensure that our subscribers know when an email is actually from us, and not from someone illegally impersonating our brand. Brand Indicators for Messaging Identification (BIMI) will soon be the next level of building trust with subscribers. 

BIMI provides a standard global framework that will enable email inboxes to display sender-designated logos. The multi-step authentication process will help end-users recognize emails from brands they know — and help them identify phishing and spoofing attempts. A new third-party certification called a Verified Mark Certificate (VMC) will verify the sender’s logo. VMCs are expected to be available later this year.

Google will join the growing BIMI initiative next year, joining email technology providers, including Agari, Comcast, LinkedIn, ReturnPath from Validity, Valimail and Verizon Media. With BIMI coming in the near future, marketers need to prepare for the inevitable changes coming to how we reach the managed inbox.

We have much more for you below, including news on Salesforce’s latest partnership and solutions for branded podcasts and digital audio. Have a great weekend! 

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Pro Tip

Here’s why customer stories about solving problems have more impact

“When marketers are really far removed from their customers, their messages tend to feel very corporate, stuffy and don’t resonate with potential buyers,” explains Stacey Ackerman of Agilify. “Instead of being able to really get creative and listen to what customers wanted to hear, some are stuck in the old way of working, which I call ‘inside out’ marketing versus ‘outside in’ marketing. To begin changing this mindset, change the conversation from ‘We need to sell to you’ to ‘What customer problem are we trying to solve?'”

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MarTech Minute

Salesforce teams with Alibaba to tap into China’s expanding online population

Salesforce partners with Alibaba to expand footprint into China. The partnership positions the Chinese e-commerce platform as the exclusive Salesforce provider to customers in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Alibaba’s existing cloud service offers Salesforce access to China’s expanding online population through its marketing channels. Salesforce intends to sell offerings including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Commerce Cloud and Salesforce Platform. 

Skyview Networks partners with Amplifi Media to deliver branded podcast, digital audio solutions. The strategic partnership seeks to create custom audio solutions for brands incorporating audio platforms — including branded podcasts — in their strategies. The partnership will deliver a curation resource for branded audio content for agencies and customers. “Branded podcasts are a rapidly emerging segment of podcast revenue, having grown more than 6X to $67 million from 2018-19, and are forecast to increase to $100 million by 2021,” said Steve Jones, President and COO of Skyview Networks. “Working with Amplifi Media, we’ll be better positioned to meet the developing needs of consumer brands that are seeking a voice strategy.”

Study says most shoppers will research holiday purchases on mobile. According to new research surveying nearly 30,00 users of its shopping-rewards app, Shopkick found that while half of consumers intend to make their purchases in-store, 84% plan to use their smartphones to research beforehand. Research includes comparing prices, looking for coupons and deals, and reading productive reviews — all happening in the aisle before buying in the store.

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