Good morning, {FirstName}, how do you use buyer personas in ABM?

Personas can help us build a framework to make sense of the overwhelming amount of data we’re managing. Understanding the personas of the companies on our ABM lists will drive our messaging and communicate values that resonate with them effectively, but there are more opportunities to improve your ABM performance and move past a basic framework. 

Using account personas to evolve ABM lists is just one of these opportunities. “While we usually think of personas as applying to the roles and responsibilities of people, the same idea can be useful in describing and distinguishing between different companies in your total addressable market,” wrote MarTech Today contributor John Steinert. “If you’ve already done the good work of defining your ideal customer profile, you’ve created a form of persona framework – applied here instead to the companies you want to include for specialized ABM treatments.”

Limiting ourselves to an ABM list consisting only of our average targets can hinder growth. We need to consider different ABM lead-generation tactics that will draw valuable prospects into our campaigns and how to leverage learnings to grow our marketing programs to drive results.

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Jennifer Cannon,
Senior Editor

Pro Tip

Keep on top of your email deliverability, even in summer

“No matter how great the offer or clever the subject line, nothing matters if the email doesn’t arrive to the inbox,” explains Len Shneyder of Twilio SendGrid. “Keeping track of spam complaints, blacklistings and unsubscribes will ensure that you understand the inbox potential of each segment. If you’re thinking summer is a great time to send a giant email to people who haven’t opened your emails for months and months, if not years and years, think again. The effects will be as deleterious as in other months. Use caution and set realistic boundaries for when you sunset unengaged recipients. These are the most likely sources of complaints and other actions that are bound to hurt your overall campaign and cause email bounce for engaged users to wind up in the junk.”

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MarTech Minute

The business impacts of email fraud, Boris Johnson’s campaign emails under investigation for GDPR violations

New study from Barracuda highlights impact of email attacks on businesses. Cloud security firm Barracuda released its 2019 Email Security Trends report, finding that email attacks are having a significant impact on businesses across the globe. 74% of respondents indicated that email attacks are a major threat, with employees falling for phishing attempts among the top risk factors for companies. 

InsideView expands platform to draw customers. B2B targeting intelligence provider InsideView announced a number of strategic changes to its platform in anticipation of a surge of new customers from, which is set to be retired by Salesforce by next year. 

Boris Johnson email campaign under ICO investigation. Following complaints from the public claiming they received unsolicited emails from newly-elected prime minister Boris Johnson seeking donations, Great Britain’s Conservation Party is under investigation. Johnson is also being investigated for emails sent during his recent “Back Boris” campaign.

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