Good morning, does this time of year feel a bit slower to you?

Now is a great time to reach out to your internal teams for cross-collaboration and simply get to know one another. “Groups that might be off-limits in busy times, like your tech or development teams, would love to have someone pop in with doughnuts, croissants, coffee and other treats without asking for a favor immediately. (That can come later),” says MarTech Today contributor Ryan Phelan. “Meet other groups in your organization that might benefit from your help.”

The summer lull sweeping across your office could also be a great opportunity for you to check in on your email marketing program and start preparing for the upcoming holiday craze. Take a look at your email metrics to identify where your program needs to be tweaked, or try experimenting with an email trigger test. A little extra quiet time in the summer gives us more time for planning and opportunities for new email tactics. 

We have much more for you below, including a Pro Tip on repurposing digital content across social channels, news on Microsoft’s latest acquisition and our curated reading list, built especially for you. 

Jennifer Cannon,
Senior Editor 

Pro Tip

Repurposing your content across social channels can pay off

“So you’ve just created an awesome piece of content for your blog. Now all you need to do is hit ‘Publish’ and you’re done, right? Wrong. There is so much more you can do with that content,” explains John Lincoln of Ignite Visibility. “In fact, you can use that one blog post to drive an entire social media strategy by simply repurposing it and getting it into the right form. In the modern landscape, customers are jumping in and out of the funnel and traveling to various locations online. Having content that shows up in each source is critical to long term success because you need to be everywhere your customers are. Creating content that works on multiple social channels is key to maximizing its full marketing potential.”

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Why every PPC manager needs to automate more

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Marketing automation is an immensely exciting opportunity for those willing to take it. For PPC specifically, it’s a chance to get increasingly clever machines to supplement our work – not replace us.

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MarTech Minute

Microsoft acquires BlueTalon

Microsoft acquires unified data access control provider BlueTalon. The acquisition will bring BlueTalon under Microsoft’s Azure Data Governance group. “We realized the technology could be used to help govern data in new data systems such as Hadoop,” wrote BlueTalon CEO Eric Tilenius.” Our customers soon started asking for us to extend our coverage to other databases — they were building large data estates that had a heterogeneous mix of data platforms. With the help of an amazing and talented team, we were able to build the first truly Unified Data Access Control solution to govern on-premises data estates. BlueTalon enterprise customers increasingly began to migrate more and more of their data to the cloud and asked us to support them in that process. As we began exploring partnership opportunities with various hyperscale cloud providers to better serve our customers, Microsoft deeply impressed us. The Azure Data team was uniquely thoughtful and visionary when it came to data governance. We found them to be the perfect fit for us in both mission and culture. So when Microsoft asked us to join forces, we jumped at the opportunity.”

SummitSync announces partnership with Conversica. Meeting automation platform SummitSync will partner with Conversica, an automated lead engagement platform. The combination will allow marketers with event execution tasks like pre-booking meetings at events and coordinating onsite demos. “By partnering with SummitSync, our customers will gain the ability to leverage real-time data for multiple conferences and trade shows they cannot access anywhere else to further establish and build more lead-engagement opportunities,” said Andrew McCraith, vice president of business and corporate development at Conversica. “We’ll enable the companies we mutually serve to better engage buyers throughout the entire customer journey by including SummitSync’s ability to dramatically boost meetings with the right prospects at events and automate the delivery of information across other platforms such as calendars, mobile texts and CRM systems.”

Adswerve achieves Marketing Analytics Partner Specialization in the Google Cloud Partner Program. Adswerve is one of the only Google Cloud and Google Marketing Platform partners with specializations in both data analytics and marketing analytics. “As we move into a data-driven industry, it’s more important than ever that we empower our clients to better understand their data and what the analytics are telling them in order to turn those insights into action,” said Adswerve CEO Clint Tasset. “This specialization demonstrations our dedicating to bridging media and analytics, helping our brand and agency clients be successful marketers with insights that power transparency and agility and ultimately deliver solid results.”

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