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Location-based ad platform inMarket will acquire location-based ads and analytics provider Thinknear. The acquisition, following Foursquare’s purchase of Placed from Snap in May, may suggest that consolidation may be in the near future for the location intelligence segment.

Many companies in this particular segment initially started selling media, but shifted towards providing data and analytics exclusively. Telenav and inMarket both continue to sell location-targeted media. There are at least 20 other companies that provide similar services that use a mix of first- and third-party data to provide location intelligence. 

With the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) on the horizon, many of these companies may start to feel the pressure as third-party location data becomes less available. “Putting aside the issue of data privacy (a major one), all brands and enterprise marketers should be working with location data for audience segmentation, business intelligence insights and media measurement,” writes MarTech Today’s Greg Sterling, “Unless you’re a pure e-commerce company, this data is the only way to get a clear and complete picture of media efficacy and the buyer’s journey. Location data can also be utilized as the centerpiece of multi-touch attribution.”

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Pro Tip

Here’s some specs to note for video format on IGTV

“You can generally put the same videos on Facebook that you put on Instagram’s video application IGTV. Recently, they made it possible to have the same size video format,” explains John Lincoln of Ignite Visibility. “But, these videos can only be 10 minutes (with large account exceptions). Here are a few specifications to help format your video for IGTV.”

“IGTV settings run at 1080 × 1350 (a horizontal video will run closer to 1920 × 1080); video length for small accounts is 15 seconds to 10 minutes. For large accounts its 15 seconds to 60 minutes. The format should be MP4. File size maximum for videos less than 10 minutes is 650MB. Maximum for videos up to 60 minutes is 5.4GB.”

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MarTech Minute

Visa’s new cloud-based machine learning platform to combat fraud, Amazon drops a hint at advertising blockchain

Visa will add supervised machine learning for fraud protection. Visa will roll out a cloud-based platform later this year that will test deep-learning algorithms to better detect unauthorized transactions. The platform, built in-house, will use machine learning to detect patterns in transactions that could indicate criminal behavior.

Odaseva launches app to anonymize customer PII from Salesforce Full Sandbox. Personally identifiable information (PII) in a testing environment such as Salesforce Full Sandbox, which creates an exact copy of an organization’s Salesforce instance for user testing and training, could pose a compliance risk to Salesforce users. Odaseva’s Full Sandbox Anonymization application will automatically mask PII to help Salesforce customers stay compliant.

Amazon looks to put advertising data on a new blockchain. As Amazon steadily carves itself a space in the blockchain world, the company hinted that it may be looking to create an advertising blockchain. A job posting on LinkedIn did not share many details but calls the position “an opportunity to define a technology architectural direction of a greenfield area for Amazon’s advertising business using Blockchain technology.”

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