Good morning, will next-gen algorithms redefine your marketing strategy? 

From search engine algorithms dictating search results to Internet service providers running algorithms to monitor and manage incoming emails, algorithms control and define what we see online. But as they become more complex and complicated, how will algorithms impact our future marketing efforts

Fortunately, algorithms evolve gradually — not overnight — creating opportunities to test, learn and refine our approach. “Algorithms are already ridiculously complex and hidden by a shield of proprietary intentions,” writes MarTech Today contributor Timothy Carter. “In the future, they’re going to be even more effective and even more obscured. However, if you’re paying close attention to the inevitable changes and you’re working hard to stay relevant, natural and focused on what your audience needs, you can stay ahead of the competition and make sure these next-generation algorithms favor your business.” 

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We have much more for you below including news from Zendesk, Kenshoo and Sitelock. Have a great day!

Jennifer Cannon,
Senior Editor


Here’s how agencies can better engage with clients using agile

“The best way that agencies can work with agile teams is to bring the full-time talent to be embedded with the team,” explains Stacey Ackerman of Agilify. “While this may not always be possible, it is a lot more effective for the client. That’s because agile is all about collaboration, teamwork and working together every day. A bunch of agency people that come in and out becomes really inefficient and disruptive to how the team is trying to work.”

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[Webinar] MarTech is Marketing--Live Q&A with Scott Brinker

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Martech answers await you. Bring your burning questions about how martech is disrupting traditional marketing to a no holds barred Q&A webinar with moderator Jen Cannon (@jenvidetta), MarTech Today senior editor, and special guest Scott Brinker (@chiefmartec), The MarTech Conference chair. Trends, concerns, best and worst practices — it’s all fair game. Register today >>

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MarTech Minute

Zendesk introduces WhatsApp for Zendesk, SiteLock extends cybersecurity support for web platforms

Zendesk launches WhatsApp for Zendesk. The new WhatsApp BusinessAPI connector allows businesses to communicate with and respond to their customers and prospects using WhatsApp. WhatsApp for Zendesk is built on technology from Zendesk’s recent acquisition of Smooch. “WhatsApp for Zendesk marks the next phase of our integration with the WhatsApp Business API as a business solution provider and reinforces our commitment to bringing brands and their customers’ modern messaging experiences on the apps of their choice,” said Warren Levitan, vice president, Conversational Business at Zendesk. “Ultimately, we’re making it easier for companies and customers to communicate in a way that is faster, more convenient and more natural.”

SiteLock extends web monitoring and scanning support. The cybersecurity provider announced new enhancements to its SMART Database, extending support to Joomla! and other MySQL database web platforms. The new features will help small and medium-sized businesses protect their website databases from hackers seeking customer data.

Kenshoo releases local marketing solution for agencies and SMBs. The martech provider’s tool, Kenshoo Local, is a new marketing solution for Facebook that seeks to help local brands with physical locations manage search campaigns. The new feature is now generally available and allows marketers to manage campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Messenger. Cross-channel capabilities have also been added to help marketers optimize marketing investments by reallocating ad spend to the best performing segments. 

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