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With LinkedIn’s launch of the new Audience Engagement Insights category as part of its marketing partner platform, marketers will be able to have a broader view into what content works best on the platform. In addition to the category debut, LinkedIn has also added five new third-party analytics platforms that integrate with LinkedIn’s Audience Engagement API. The new partners, Amobee, Annlect, Hootsuite, Ogilvy and Sprinklr, will have exclusive access to the Audience Engagement API. 

Automattic Inc, WordPress’ parent company, has agreed to buy blogging platform Tumblr from Verizon Communications. Terms of the agreement have not yet been made public, but reports from The Wall Street Journal indicate that Automattic will add Tumblr’s employees to its staff and that it is the largest deal in Automattic’s history. The Wall Street Journal also reports that  Automattic executives are exploring ways for and Tumblr to share services and functionality. 

The CDP Institute’s CDP Industry Report for July 2019 is here, and its findings indicate that while there are no signs of the industry slowing down, there may be some changes ahead for the industry. Enterprise martech providers like Adobe, Oracle and Salesforce have all entered the CDP (customer data platform) field this year, and non-martech providers are swooping in to acquire CDPs, giving themselves a competitive edge in their respective industries. But competition is healthy, and marketers can anticipate that as the martech landscape evolves, CDPs will continue to expand their own capabilities to keep up.

Continue reading below for more, including news from Rezo.AI’s machine learning-powered email automation and funding news from Silicon Valley. Have a great day.

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Pro Tip

Don’t assume video content works everywhere

“Autoplaying video on a website home page is one example of a video strategy to avoid. It often causes pages to load slowly, and you can see why a slow-loading website would be a problem for a consumer with a radically shortened attention span,” explains Ronald Dod of Visiture. “It can also be unpleasant if it’s unexpected. For many people, watching a video is a bigger cognitive commitment than reading a few short paragraphs so try to consider whether video actually improves your message. Lastly, keep video content short and sweet unless you’re purposefully doing a more in-depth video for customers further down the sales funnel.”

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MarTech Minute

Machine learning powers new email automation from Rezo.AI

Rezo.AI launches email automation. With the machine learning algorithms Rezo.AI has built over the past two years, the company has launched its key product offering, email automation. The Conversational AI engine uses email automation combined with its machine learning algorithms to engage customers without needing human intervention.

Attentive raises $40 million in Series B funding. The funding round was led by Sequoia along with Bain Capital and Eniac Ventures, among others. The mobile messaging platform is expected to use the funding to scale operations and invest in further product innovation. “As people increasingly use messaging as a primary form of communication, businesses will too,” said Pat Grady, partner at Sequoia. “With their mobile messaging platform, Attentive is leading a new category of direct-to-consumer marketing that we believe has huge market potential.”

Lucidworks raises $100 million. The AI-powered search solution announced the funding after its flagship product doubled revenue for the third year in a row. “Search is the best way to unlock value from the world’s data,” explains Will Hayes, Lucidworks CEO. “Francisco Partners and TPG Sixth Street Partners understand that getting from question to answer when you’re dealing with thousands of employees, millions of customers, and a mountain of data is still a headache for large corporations. Our team has worked tirelessly to develop AI-powered solutions that augment human intelligence by automating tedious, time-consuming tasks to provide richer insights and real-time recommendations. With the investment, we can continue to advance the enterprise standard for personalization and AI.”

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