Good morning, what is your standard operating procedure for list management?

When it comes to managed inbox optimization (MIO), list management should be one of your top priorities. Lists containing bad email addresses will significantly damage your sender reputation amongst internet service providers (ISPs) and impede your ability to communicate with your customers. Email deliverability firm SparkPost announced enhancements to its email validation services that will help users identify and filter out bad email addresses before sending an email that will result in a hard bounce.

“SparkPost uses typo detection, DNS checks, and especially historical bounce data from thousands of other customers, based on its sending 37% of the world’s B2C and B2B email,” Charlie Reverte, chief product officer at SparkPost told MarTech Today. “That way customers can remove bad emails from their lists before sending so they don’t hurt your sender reputation with ISPs.”

If your website attracts bots that sign up with a bad email address via lead generation forms on your site, for example, a welcome email or confirmation email will result in a hard bounce. The result is not only a decreased sender reputation with ISPs, but also potentially losing legitimate prospects who provide valid email addresses when the welcome emails end up in their spam folder.

“What would happen if marketers embraced privacy as a value of the company?” This question was asked of MarTech Today’s Taylor Peterson during an interview with Duane Schulz, principal of Schulz Advisors, LLC. While so many of us are focused on lead generation and creating revenue opportunities, it’s time for marketers to shift towards embracing data privacy as a core tenet of our brands’ values.

Schulz will be presenting Don’t Be Evil: A Framework for Lean Surveillance Marketing at MarTech East in Boston, September 16-18.

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Jennifer Cannon,
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Pro Tip

Experiential learning helps teams better understand customers

“Being a modern marketer is all about getting away from big bang campaigns and working in shorter, experiential ways that help bring us closer to what really resonates with our customers,” explains Stacey Ackerman of Agilify. “Here’s one way you can start: Give the team a problem to solve. When you tell the team exactly how to work, it stifles innovation. Instead, give the team a problem and let them figure out how they’re going to solve it. It doesn’t matter if the ideas come from graphic designers, developers or copywriters. Everyone on the team should work together to help solve the problem. Also, give the team a set timeframe for working through their ideas, such as a week or two and then test the various ideas in the marketplace. Your customers will tell you which ones are working the best and which ones flop.”

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Busting email marketing myths

Sponsored by Oracle NetSuite

Best practices for successful inbox placement and open rates have evolved over the years, leading to an abundance of new and old myths surrounding deliverability, subject lines, and send cadence. Each of these areas impacts whether your recipients ever see your messages.

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MarTech Minute

Email breach exposes data on 14 million consumers

Web hosting service targeted in email attack. After being informed of a breach last week, web hosting service Hostinger has reset client passwords. The attackers gained access to a server holding data on 14 million customers. Emails, hashed passwords, first names, IP addresses and other non-financial data was exposed during the breach.

Airship acquires A/B testing startup. The mobile marketing startup has acquired A/B testing firm Apptimize with the intention of improving customer experience testing. “Today’s most impactful companies are constantly reinventing customer experience, and a culture of experimentation is a critical part of driving that innovation,” Brett Caine, Airship CEO and president, said in a statement, “By combining Apptimize mobile app and web testing with Airship’s deep insight into customer engagement across channels, marketers and developers can focus innovation on the most critical areas while creating the seamless end-to-end experiences customers really want.”

Report indicates brands’ online and offline conversations should be meaasured holistically. The report, produced by Engagement Labs, analyzed week-to-week trends for online and offline conversation trends for 500 brands across multiple industries. When it comes to key metrics that drive business outcomes, including conversation volume, sentiment, brand sharing and influence, researchers found that online furor doesn’t necessarily correlate with real-world conversations. “At a time when social media channels are spreading controversial opinions and outrage, it’s vital for marketers to realize that they do not always reflect consumer sentiment in the real world,” said Ed Keller, CEO of Engagement Labs. “Overreacting to the latest social media blow-up poses major risks for brands. It is vital to have a holistic measurement system that incorporates both online and offline conversations,” added Keller.

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