Good morning, do you agonize over details like subject lines?

The most effective keywords you can use in your subject lines need to convey the value you are delivering to the recipient. According to GetResponse’s 2019 global email marketing benchmarks reports, the top three subject line keywords that drive the highest open rates are “newsletter,” “PDF” and “ebook”. The study reveals that the average click-to-open-rate for emails including the word newsletter in their subject line was 31.43%, including PDF was 30.31% and ebook was 27.84%. We can infer from these results that customers are becoming increasingly open to content that drives them down the marketing funnel.

Has your organization considered making the leap to multi-touch attribution (MTA)? “As a marketer if you’re not using an MTA model, it’s challenging to prove your impact on the business and improve the customer experience by continuing to invest in what works for you and the customer,” said Adam Kirby, director of marketing at MediaCurrent, an open-source development and digital marketing agency that works with enterprise brands.

Kirby admits that MTA solutions can be costly and time-consuming to implement, but when done correctly you can gain a better understanding of your customers and drive more revenue from your marketing investments.

There’s much more below, including your Pro Tip on refining demographic targeting for SEO.

Jennifer Cannon,
Senior Editor

Pro Tip

Anticipate change: Refine your demographic targeting for SEO

“Algorithms, like any technology, change gradually and you can refine your approach and adapt to changes,” explains Timothy Carter of “Future algorithms will cater to individual preferences, so understanding your target audience as a lumped-together ‘group’ isn’t going to be enough. Obviously, you can’t get to know each of your customers individually, but you can do more to understand the individual types of users that comprise your main groups, including what kind of content and products they need most.”

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AI for small business is no longer an option. It’s a necessity.

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There has been no better time in history for small, disruptive businesses to win big. They just need to be smart.

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MarTech Minute

Cisco signals intent to acquire CloudCherry

Cisco eyes CloudCherry to strengthen its contact center portfolio. Cisco announced its plans to purchase privately-held customer experience management firm CloudCherry. CloudCherry provides journey mapping, integrations and predictive analytics that allow call center professionals to make real-time journey modifications. Combined with Cisco, the new collaborative contact center will use machine learning to provide more personalized experiences for customers and allow organizations to make the most out of their data.

WhoToo bought up by NetWise Data LLC. The data-as-a-service company, which was previously owned by Demandbase, will be acquired by marketing data and information services firm NetWise. Through the acquisition, NetWise is expected to upgrade the core B2B and B2C data assets currently sourced and distributed by WhoToo with more accurate, complete customer data sets. “We’ve been the core data engine behind the products from dozens of companies since our inception more than eight years ago,” said Dwight Gorall, CEO of NetWise.  “This acquisition is part of a larger strategy to expand our reach, directly interface with our clients, and ensure we’re known as the B2B data pioneers and display advertising experts behind the best programmatic marketing,” he added.  

SocketLabs now available on SAP App Center. The email delivery platform, which offers both cloud and on-premise deployment models, will now be available in the digital marketplace for SAP partner offerings. The arrangement allows both firms to expand their product offerings. SocketLabs will now be able to provide its technology on a “truly global scale,” states Keith Hontz, who recently joined SocketLabs as chief revenue officer after serving as global vice president at SAP America.

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