Good morning, are you enjoying the fruits of your labor today?

It’s Labor Day in the U.S., so we’re taking the opportunity to highlight the less-glamorous but incredibly important topic of “doing the work.” You can have the most flexible, high-functionality martech software in the world, but the true measure of success is its positive impact on the company’s bottom line. So, today, we’ll highlight inspiring examples of workflow and process management that deliver the goods. 

Adam Kirby, director of marketing at digital agency MediaCurrent, shares some great in-depth tips for convincing your organization about the value of implementing multi-touch attribution technology. 

“If you need help convincing an executive sponsor, I recommend leveraging data and stories,” said Kirby. He suggests tracking an individual customer’s journey and learning how well your company’s current attribution methods are capturing all the interactions. “It’s likely our organization isn’t assigning the proper credit to these touchpoints and is assigning too much to others,” said Kirby. “This information is very compelling to leadership that you are likely not investing in the right areas or measuring the true ROI of a given marketing tactic or technology.”

Steve Petersen, a marketing technology manager at Western Governors University, knows the value of implementation. In an article titled “Buying martech is easy, managing the process to use it effectively is the hard part,” Petersen describes a step-by-step plan an organization can use to evaluate a new technology, to ensure you get the most value for your money. (Both Petersen and Kirby will be speaking at our MarTech Conference later this month, so be sure to join us for more on operational execution.)

Whether it’s inspiring peak performance, developing training programs for staff development, hiring for diversity or any other aspect of your marketing work, we’re sure you’ll find plenty of inspiration and concrete tips on the virtual pages of MarTech Today and at our events. We hope you enjoy the rest of your day off!

Pamela Parker,
Senior Editor and Projects Manager, Content Studio


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