Good morning, should your martech stack include a Customer Data Platform?

Managing data across multiple martech platforms can be a complex process, and many marketers have created their own internal workarounds for dealing with those challenges. But as the digital market continues to mature and the volume of data swells, intricate workarounds aren’t always the most efficient (or effective) process. That’s where customer data platforms (CDPs) come in.

With CDPs gaining considerable traction as martech giants like Adobe, Oracle, and Salesforce take steps toward developing solutions of their own, how can we, as marketers, know if a CDP aligns with our marketing needs? A recent Gartner report shows that CDPs can transform how marketers run their technology ecosystems, but it also notes that CDPs are heading toward the “Trough of Disillusionment” after passing the “Peak of Inflated Expectations.” In other words, marketers who were once excited about the software’s capabilities may end up being disappointed.

We created a quick guide to help marketers understand whether or not a CDP might be a valuable platform to invest in. It starts with asking yourself a few key questions, such as how your data is currently managed, what the potential use cases might be, what current systems can be integrated with a CDP, and more. For a deeper dive on CDP vendors, opportunities, and trends, you can also download our full report: Customer Data Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide.

Keep scrolling for a tip on how to build targeted ad content that doesn’t turn off customers, plus our curated reading list to get you back on track after a much-needed holiday weekend.

Taylor Peterson,
Deputy Editor

Pro Tip

Personalize ad content, but don’t creep out consumers

“Almost all of today’s ad platforms offer some kind of personalization and targeting tools. Whether it’s social media PPC, search engine PPC, email marketing or any other platform, there’s probably a way to personalize your ad displays,” explains Ronald Dod of Visiture. “PPC ads are particularly attractive because platforms like Facebook and Google offer robust targeting tools built into the ad buy system and solid metrics to track your ads’ performance.”

“It’s also worth noting that personalization can cross the line into creeping out the consumer, so be wary of personalization that targets potentially sensitive information. Keep a sense of empathy for the consumer in mind and ask yourself, ‘Would I be okay with someone sending me a targeted ad or email about this?’”


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Gartner identifies emerging trends that could transform marketing ecosystems

Gartner calls out four trends marketers should look out for. Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Digital Marketing and Advertising 2019 report identifies four emerging technologies that could potentially transform how marketers manage their martech ecosystems. “Marketers today must strike the right balance between delivering meaningful customer experiences that differentiate their brands and focusing on providing real value to the business,” said Mike McGuire, a vice president analyst in Gartner’s Marketing practice. “Event-triggered and real-time marketing will have the biggest impact on marketing activities in the next five years. However, before marketers can realize the benefits of these technologies, they must first become proficient in predictive analytics and delivering personalized communications.”

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