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At last week’s MarTech Conference in Boston, Amos Budde, vice president of applied data science at Civis Analytics, discussed the importance of data integrity and its influence on marketing decision making. Budde offered key considerations for marketers who are applying metrics to their marketing strategies with specific goals in mind, including opinion research and understanding if persuasive efforts are effective. 

A common misconception among marketers, said Budde, lies in the nuances of persuasion. He recommends that marketers study those nuances directly instead of depending strictly on data to determine how successful their efforts are. “We have found zero correlation between what people said they like, and what actually persuaded them,” Budde said.

Many Salesforce users woke to an email on Friday morning from the company’s support team reporting a performance degradation impacting multiple customer instances. The issue, which affected Salesforce files, left users unable to read or edit files in their environment. Files that were created after the incident began and before the fix was applied should be available to customers following a synchronization process.

As of Friday afternoon, the technology team was still working to solve the issues in three affected data centers. The five additional servers that were also impacted have had the fix implemented.

There’s more below including your Pro Tip on selecting the right agile framework for your team. 

Jennifer Cannon,
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Pro Tip

Is the process-driven Scrum, or fast-moving Kanban, framework the right approach for your team?

“In software, the Scrum framework has been the most common way to practice agile. Teams work in a sprint cycle that is usually two weeks. It is a repetitive, continuous way to work and has built-in ways to inspect and adapt along the way,” explains Stacey Ackerman of Agilify.

“Another popular framework is Kanban, which came from the manufacturing world at Toyota. There is a continuous flow through a system, visualizing your work, seeing where your flow might be experiencing bottlenecks and changing your process to increase productivity. “ 

“Most marketers are using a hybrid approach, meaning they are taking some of their favorite practices from both the Scrum and Kanban methods.” 

“So which method is right for your company? It depends on the size of your company, the type of work you do and the current culture.”

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MarTech Minute

Salesforce Ventures picks up $300 million Series D round for Automattic

WordPress parent company Automattic closes $300 million Series D. Automattic has closed a new $300 million Series D funding round with Salesforce Ventures as the lead, and only, investor. The deal brings Automattic’s valuation to $3 billion. According to Automattic, the funding will be used to accelerate and scale its existing products, including, WordPress VIP, WooCommerce, Jetpack, and — once its acquisition deal is closed — Tumblr. 

InMoment announces new XI Transformational Framework. InMoment announced its new solution for providing business intelligence to create and drive customer experiences. The XI Transformational Framework is built on three core pillars: data, design and domain expertise. The company provides technology as well as services to provide intelligent solutions beyond traditional reporting capabilities.

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