Good morning, do you use branded GIFs across your digital channels? 

GIF search engine Giphy has announced that it will partner will Oracle Data Cloud’s Moat to bring measurability to branded GIFs. Giphy’s integration with Moat will enable advertisers to validate that branded content on Giphy was seen by actual viewers while building onto the capabilities that Moat currently offers marketers.

By adding the value of measurement behind gifs, marketers can anticipate an uptick in demand for branded GIFs – and hope to drive more engagement. 

The partnership is also expected to draw more advertisers to Giphy’s branded content studio. “Giphy’s platform enables brands to be at the center of cultural moments,” said Alexis Berger, vice president of revenue at Giphy. “With the Moat integration, brands now also have the added layer of confidence that the media that Giphy delivers is viewable, verifiable, and reaching real Giphy users.”

There’s much more for you below including your Pro Tip on email marketing, a glimpse at marketers on the move and a MarTech takeaway.

Jennifer Cannon,
Senior Editor

Pro Tip

How financial institutions can use email marketing to improve customer retention

“As fintech brands like Venmo, Stripe, Square, CashApp, etc. grow more popular, the pressure is on for all financial services companies to improve communications strategies. Brands that leverage email marketing properly will continue to build lasting customer relationships while thwarting the new fintech players from capturing market share,” explains Kyle Henderick of Yes Marketing. “Here is one way top brands are improving customer retention with email today: Personalize email messages based on age. In the financial services industry, a consumer’s age significantly influences the services and information he or she needs. Use smart tools and dynamic content modules to deliver the right content to your customers as they reach certain ages. For instance, a 30-year-old might be interested in content about how to save for buying his or her first home. Relevant content based on age builds trust among customers and keeps them coming back for more content and services.” 

“It’s also important to remember that consumers’ financial situations change significantly as they age. Life changes, such as a new job, a marriage or a changing family situation, directly impact the offerings a consumer needs from his or her financial services provider. Companies should embrace customer lifecycle and journey mapping strategies to ensure they understand when consumers are likely to change institutions and use that as an opportunity to re-engage.”

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Guide to Customer Data Platforms

Learn the benefits of using a customer data platform and compare top vendors. This report answers the following questions — What features do CDPs provide? What trends are driving the adoption of CDPs? Does your company need a CDP? — It also includes profiles of 25 leading vendors, capabilities comparisons, and recommended steps for evaluating and purchasing.

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On the Move

Former Marketo CEO Steve Lucas steps down one year after $4.75 billion acquisition, Movable Ink makes strategic management changes

In a LinkedIn post last week, Steve Lucas shared news of his departure from Adobe one year after its acquisition of Marketo. Lucas served as CEO of Marketo for three years after being hired for the role following Vista Equity’s purchase of the company in 2016.  Lucas joined Adobe’s senior leadership team following the acquisition.

Email content platform Movable Ink has announced several key management hires. Andrea Mignolo has been promoted to vice president of product and design. She was previously responsible for product UX and will now be focused on product strategy, creative direction and development. Email marketing veteran Stuart Barker has been named vice president of EMEA. He will be tasked with driving Movable Ink’s expansion strategy, sales, account management and partners in EMEA. Barker previously served as a senior executive at Emarsys. Deen King-Smith was also named senior director of new ventures. Smith brings his experience from Microsoft as a product veteran as well as a background as an engineer.

MarTech Takeaway

Get demos, ask around and try before you buy

In many companies, individual departments are building their own tech stacks without regard to what other teams may already be using. How can organizations ensure that their technology budgets are being well spent — and managed — companywide? 

“We would always push, regardless of the size of the vendor, for some type of free trial or promotional period to really kick the tires and see how it’s working,” said Stacy Falkman, senior customer success manager for 6Sense.  “But, the larger the investment that you’re making, sometimes you have to also invest the time to ensure that you’re giving the platform the time it needs to be successful in your organization. And, if you restrict yourself to a short window of time, then you’re just setting yourself up for failure.”  

In situations where a free trial isn’t offered — as may be the case with more expensive platforms – Falkman advises marketers to push vendors to build relevant demos that represent what your organization is trying to accomplish to precisely illustrate how the technology is going to work for your company.

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