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As marketers, we are always looking for ways to keep up with our customers — but they tend to move a lot faster than our organizations do. In order to keep pace, we need to ensure we are using our martech strategically while also taking the time to do our due diligence to avoid an implementation (or execution) failure. But while some martech vendors put their customers first, many are focused on expansion and feature development — and the direction those vendors choose directly impacts us, their customers.

Understanding your own long-term priorities is critical to developing a martech strategy. But understanding your vendors’ future plans is also crucial to building out a successful program. For example, are your vendors focused on innovation, growth and bringing in a steady stream of new customers, or are they focused on helping your organization find success and growth with their offerings? These are key considerations when evaluating a new martech provider.

We have much more for you below, including your Pro Tip on segmenting your audiences. Have a great day.

Jennifer Cannon,
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Pro Tip

Segment your audience based on the action they took

“Don’t keep your stakes on sending an email blast to the whole list,” cautions Nandini Rathi of Bluecore. “Mailbox providers are continuously improving their AI to reduce spam. So, start segmenting your user base into small and targeted chunks to drive more engagement. Besides sending triggered emails, work on your audience criteria for sending promotional emails. For example, target your recent openers and clickers rather than targeting everyone who signed-up on your email list in the last two years or even older than that. Make sure that your new subscribers are also getting into the audience mix. Check with your email service provider to ensure whatever Boolean value or attribute they use is in place. If you have recently finished ramping-up with a new ESP, use the recent openers from your ramp and send a few campaigns to these openers for a few sends while carefully balancing your full-list sends.”

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Compare 14 top marketing automation platforms

MarTech Today’s “B2B Marketing Automation Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide” examines the market for marketing automation software. This report includes profiles of 14 leading B2B marketing automation vendors, capabilities comparisons, pricing information, and recommended steps for evaluating and purchasing.

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Are your marketing actions turning your customers against you?

In the age of customer-centric marketing, marketers have ample opportunities to create real relationships with customers with personal, two-way engagement. However, while marketers are building data-rich customer profiles, our customers are actually craving — even demanding — more privacy. According to new research from Forrester, 49% of U.S. adults proactively take steps to manage the collection of their personal information from apps and websites. But, only 24% of marketers admit to having ethical concerns about using customer data. 

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