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Last week, two competing digital content promotion platforms — Taboola and Outbrain — announced plans to merge into a single entity. The company will retain the Taboola name and Taboola founder Adam Singolda will become chief executive officer. Combined, the companies say they’ll serve ads across 20,000 online properties, reaching an audience of up to 2.6 billion.

The merged capabilities of the two companies could enable growth in ad serving capabilities, including e-commerce, AI, and video advertising. The combined resources have the potential to expand advertising reach for media publishers and advertisers globally, and could help digital properties scale in years to come.

We have much more for you below, including your Pro Tip on working within different privacy guidelines, news from Zendesk and Box and our curated reading list built just for you. 

Jennifer Cannon,
Senior Editor

Pro Tip

How do you work with a company’s privacy guidelines that don’t align with your own?

“Be clear about your digital strategy and explore whether there are alternatives to achieving the same goal without using vendors whose principles do not align with yours,” explains MarTech East speaker Kristina Podnar of NativeTrust. “If there is no alternative, you need to document the opportunity and the risk and let the business side of the house make the decision. In other words, let the business decide what, if any, principles they are willing to sacrifice. If leaders determine the organization will engage in risky behavior, then they need to offset that business risk with insurance, fiscal reserves, or understand that the risk might result in loss of profit or brand. I have been part of marketing efforts where third-party vendors (e.g., Facebook) were willing to make adjustments to their practices or amend their data processing agreements. For that reason, I always advise that you involve your legal team and explore possible adjustments.”



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MarTech Minute

Zendesk launches community product, Box rolls out major integrations and extends partnerships

Zendesk, Inc. announced the launch of customer support forums. The forums, called Gather, will allow companies to provide transparent support to customers through online community forums. Gather creates a space where customers can engage with other customers, as well as company experts, to offer guidance and insight beyond what a single customer support agent might be able to handle. “Customers expect relevant and real-time support, which can be challenging to provide at scale,” said Shawna Wolverton, senior vice president, product at Zendesk. “Gather is a way to leverage customer and product experts to provide service representing a wide variety of viewpoints. It’s a place for companies to capture, organize, and share feedback for teams across support, product, engineering, and more. Using a community tool to listen to customers will improve relationships and ultimately their experiences.”

Collaboration platform provider Box shows off enhancements. The key changes include  Box Shield and Box Relay, along with upgrades to its integrations with industry-leading vendors such as IBM, Microsoft, and Adobe. In addition to the integrations with these tech players, Box has extended its relationship with IBM and expanded capabilities for data protection, governance, and compliance in the enterprise. With Microsoft, it has announced new integrations into Microsoft Teams. And with Adobe, it announced plans to “deeply integrate a full-featured Acrobat web experience, including powerful capabilities to modify, organize, sign, and collaborate on PDFs directly in Box. The new integration will seamlessly connect collaborative workflows for enterprises who rely on Box and Adobe, making it easier and more secure to work with digital documents in the cloud.”

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