Good morning, Marketers, are you ready for CCPA?

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has revealed the proposed regulations that will help clarify practical details for the upcoming CCPA, set to take effect at the beginning of next year. The publication of the regulations was met with a statement from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) regarding the unintended consequences

The IAB has strongly lobbied against CCPA, and in a public statement responding to the regulations, the trade group cited an independent economic analysis that states initial compliance costs could reach $55 billion for California-based companies. 

While many marketers are still unprepared for CCPA, we can look to GDPR-compliant businesses who have used the regulations to build a framework for their efforts, and many of those companies have indicated they are outperforming non-compliant competitors across a range of metrics. 

We have much more for you below, including your Pro Tip on developing an agile social media policy. Have a great day.

Jennifer Cannon,
Senior Editor

Pro Tip

Is your social media policy agile?

“Social media is by its very nature meant to be two-way communication and its critical that even large, regulated companies are able to trust and empower people to react and respond in real time,” explains Stacey Ackerman of Agilify. “If employees are required to get approvals, communication is delayed and customers will feel ignored and undervalued. If you have a legal team that is used to responding to all of the company, a better structure in agile marketing is to have a representative affiliated with teams.”

“While social media policies began as ways to protect the company and controlling how we respond, we need to loosen the reins and take into account the risk of not being there for our customers. It’s time to focus on relationships with our customers and tearing down the guard rails we’ve put up during the last decade.”

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Emerging martech trends for 2020 and beyond

While artificial intelligence and bots are being used by nearly a quarter of marketers, nearly half (45%) still have no plans to use the emerging technologies in the next year. Cross-device identification (XDID) and VR/AR are being prioritized by nearly one-third of marketers in 2020. 


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