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E-commerce platform Shopify has announced the launch of Shopify Email, which is expected to roll out to Shopify merchants starting early next year. As part of Shopify Marketing, the platform’s all-in-one marketing solution, Shopify Email will allow merchants to create, execute and analyze email marketing campaigns directly within the platform. 

Adding email capabilities will enable merchants to manage their customer communications right alongside their inventory, saving merchants from costly investments in third-party email services and integrations. 

Adobe announced the addition of a new integration for Experience Manager and InDesign in an effort aimed towards driving improved creative collaboration. Adobe Asset Link, the extension that connects Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) assets to Adobe’s Creative Cloud, is a new integration designed to streamline creative production. 

Marketers and creatives who use the Adobe Experience Manager as both a DAM and content management system are expected to see the benefits. The clean integration between the two platforms can create more efficient collaboration between marketers and creatives on digital and print projects.

Sales enablement and content management platform Seismic has acquired content marketing planning and orchestration solution Percolate. With the addition of Percolate, Seismic will expand its offerings to provide clients with access to content marketing planning and execution solutions across digital channels, including email and social. 

The deal also allows Seismic to build out its platform beyond sales enablement. The new content solutions will allow the company to deliver more sophisticated tools that help streamline content planning, creation and distribution processes while creating a robust sales tool for managing and nurturing leads.

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Pro Tip

Personalization only adds value if you do it right

“Personalization done well can make consumers feel like you are engaging directly with them, making them more likely to convert,” explains Laura Robinson of Brainlabs. “But remember that personalization isn’t the be-all and end-all. While it can be tremendously valuable, there’s no point in getting caught up in the buzzwords. If you’re going to do it, do it right. Don’t just copy what others are doing; figure out what’s best for your own clients or customers. Start small and build up in complexity, test everything, and always, always keep your end-user at the forefront of your mind.”

Pro Tip is a special feature for marketers in our community to share a specific tactic others can use to elevate their performance. You can read more and submit your own here.


Why machine learning means proactive loyalty fraud prevention

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Loyalty fraud is on the rise again and, while account takeovers seem to be the most common type of fraud reported, this type of theft is only the tip of the iceberg; program rules violation, unauthorized redemptions, privilege escalations, flawed integrations and data breaches are also on the rise.

To complicate matters, the increasing complexity of loyalty programs makes it even harder for companies to defend themselves against fraudsters. But just waiting for a hacker’s attack is not a plan of action.

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MarTech Minute

Amperity acquires customer analytics provider Custora, Upland Software rolls out latest Altify release

Amperity acquires Custora. Customer data management platform Amperity announced the acquisition of customer analytics provider Custora. As an integrated solution, the two companies will provide customizable customer analytics and marketing activation tools. “Amperity delivers unified customer data profiles with a completeness that we rely on to help us make decisions that drive the growth of the business,” said Michael Relich, chief operating officer at Lucky Brand. “The ability to quickly identify customers and trends, and then apply deeper insights, is hugely valuable to us and any brand looking to modernize their business. As a customer of both companies, I’m looking forward to working with one team to improve our ability to identify and engage with our highest value, most loyal customers.”

Upland Software rolls out latest release of Altify. Cloud-based enterprise work management firm Upland Software announced the latest release of its customer revenue optimization platform Altify. The latest release is designed to help improve complex sales processes. “Revenue teams need an easy, intelligent, and collaborative approach to align with their customers and deliver value,” said Sean Nathaniel, Upland’s chief technology officer and executive vice president of Workflow Automation Solutions. “The latest Upland Altify release changes the game, making it much easier for companies to understand their customers and execute on a customer revenue optimization strategy to accelerate sales.”

UJET launches SMS Adapter solution. The SMS Adapter will allow Salesforce CRM users to implement and deploy in-call SMS capabilities and smartphone features including photos, video and screenshots. The solution will allow customer support teams to extend Salesforce CRM capabilities to ensure tickets are up-to-date and adds the ability for agents to gather more context while on the phone with customers, leading to quicker service resolutions. “The digital transformation of customer support and the move to the cloud means the enterprises no longer need a one-size-fits-all contact center solution,” said Anand Janefalkar, founder and CEO of UJET. “Now, with the SMS Adapter, no matter the IVR system, agents can easily spin up a fluid SMS experience while on the call and utilize our patented smart actions, and ensure a reduction in handle time and increase in customer satisfaction.”


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