Good morning, does your brand ask its customers the right questions?

Do you know why people open your emails, or why they are interested in your brand? “What problems are they trying to tackle?” asked Stratabeat CEO Tom Shapiro during his presentation, Digging for Customer Insights, at the DX Summit in Chicago. These are questions brands should be asking if they want actionable insights that deliver results and help deliver better experiences, writes MarTech Today senior editor Amy Gesenhues from the summit. Shapiro believes brands should be sharply focused on understanding their customer’s goals.  

Performance marketing agency Merkle published the latest edition of its quarterly report which explores the various tactics and approaches marketers use to deliver personalization. The survey found that despite 86% of marketers having a budget dedicated to personalized customer experience, the use of individual data sources for personalization is low: less than 30% of respondents said they use third-party customer demographics to drive personalization on their websites. 

Loyalty programs present opportunities for personalization, but only 38% of respondents reported using third-party demographic data to personalize loyalty campaigns — compared to 86% in overall marketing efforts.

Responding to customers in real-time has become a necessity for brands wanting to provide an exceptional digital experience. Sprinklr is adding a live chat component to its Sprinklr Modern Care marketing platform, enabling brands to provide real-time support to site visitors and app users. It will enable users to implement a chatbot or assign chat conversations to a live agent, who will have access to a dashboard displaying related issues and steps to resolution. 

There’s much more for you below including your Pro Tip on balancing reactive requests with established priorities.

Jennifer Cannon,
Senior Editor

Pro Tip

Leadership helps balance reactive requests with established priorities

“I estimate that 20% of our time is reactive and 80% is proactive,” explains martech analyst Emily Cnossen of SAP Concur. “Since we are such a small team, being strict about sticking to predetermined priorities has prevented us from getting bulldozed by reactive requests.”

“Our most reactive work is driven by new tech requests. When a new request is submitted, we continually evaluate and prioritize outstanding requests. But when it comes to our enablement strategy, we adhere closely to our established plan. Our enablement plan for the year was focused on specific tools that needed additional support. We then prioritized those tools and began executing against those priorities. Creating enablement materials for the first-priority tools was given the majority of our time, and so on down the line.” 

“Overall, we have been able to be successful in this area by having the ongoing support of leadership and continually reminding people ‘if we do X reactive thing, then it means we cannot do Y planned thing.’”

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It’s time to change your content marketing workflow

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MarTech Minute

Avionos launches Bloomreach integration to enhance product search for retail marketers

Avionos partners with Bloomreach. Avionos, a firm that designs and implements marketing and commerce technology, announced the B2B Commerce storefront integration, built for Bloomreach. The integration leverages the Bloomreach Search & Merchandising solution to deliver targeted product search results. “Search is a complex feature for B2B commerce compared to traditional retailers selling to consumers,” said John Brumbaugh, commerce practice lead for Avionos. “With the B2B Commerce Storefront, Bloomreach now offers search and merchandising capabilities to the market.”

Qualtrics BrandXM rolls out new enhancements. Customer experience provider Qualtric announced new capabilities for BrandXM, a solution that provides a single system of action for brands to help organizations manage how consumers experience their brand. The upgrades include secure sharing of data across organizations, integrated social media touchpoints and access to complementary data sets. “New capabilities added to BrandXM give businesses a holistic view of how consumers are experiencing their brand. Companies can now monitor key touchpoints, connect instantly with target audiences via online panels, and securely share insights across their organization,” said Kelly Waldher, executive vice president of BrandXM, Qualtrics. “Qualtrics BrandXM helps organizations identify brand experience gaps, prioritize which actions will help them connect with customers, and predict which investments will help them outpace competitors and drive business growth.”

RichRelevance announces consolidation plans with Manthan Software. Experience personalization provider RichRelevance has announced a series of strategic partnership agreements with cloud analytics provider Manthan Software that will merge the two companies. The consolidation will allow the companies together to provide a comprehensive, algorithmic solution to help marketers find new segments and target high-value customers. “The empowered customer is, in effect, forcing the evolution of the entire technology stack to enable real-time, contextually relevant experiences,” said Sheryl Kingstone, vice president, customer experience and commerce at 451 Research. “Manthan’s customer data management depth in the in-store analytics space, combined with RichRelevance’s personalization platform offers retailers a broad array of applications that address customers’ demand for new immersive experiences. The capabilities align with businesses’ initiatives to expand investments in new customer intelligence platforms to build deeper connections, recommend next best actions, and create more contextually-driven interactions.”


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