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LinkedIn has launched a new feature to Sales Navigator called Data Validation. The feature is designed to help users manage their contacts by syncing contact data between the users’ CRM and LinkedIn. Contacts who update their employer on LinkedIn will be marked with a “Not at Company Flag” field in the CRM and can trigger activities such as contact updates and list cleaning. 

Syncing account data between LinkedIn and the CRM could also help sales and marketing users identify opportunities at risk due to buyers leaving their position during an open sales opportunity. It also identifies LinkedIn contacts from past customers or opportunities who have started roles at new companies. These factors, along with a report flagging all potential contacts in need of an update, are included in out-of-the-box reports from Sales Navigator. 

There’s more for you below including a Pro Tip on what we can learn from the best salespeople. Have a great day.

Jennifer Cannon,
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Pro Tip

What we can learn from salespeople about ‘feature comparison’

After 10 years in sales and 10 years in marketing, here is one lesson my career has taught me, explains Nate Skinner of Salesforce. “The best salespeople never compete.”

“The biggest difference between the best salespeople and everyone else is how they handle competitive opportunities. I once interviewed 17 salespeople who had gone to 100 percent club three years in a row. My hypothesis was: if you went to club three years in a row, you weren’t just good — you were the best. We wanted to learn what they were doing that was so different, and use that in our marketing. The best salespeople never got into a “feature comparison.” They focused on the customer, spent time listening and deeply understood the customer’s business. If you’re pulling up your feature comparison doc thinking you’re going to win a deal, you’ve already lost, according to these best-in-class sellers.”

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Make your remarketing more effective and less annoying with call tracking data

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If your customers frequently purchase on the phone, you might be sitting on a goldmine of remarketing data. It’s estimated that most Americans are exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 ads each day. That’s a whole lot of opportunities to acquire new customers, and just as likely, annoy the everloving snot out of thousands of others.

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Acquia’s CX report highlights that failure to meet consumer expectations can have real costs

Findings from Acquia’s second annual customer experience (CX) report, which surveyed over 6,000 consumers globally, indicates that 90% of consumers believe that brands fail to meet their expectations for customer experiences.


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