Good morning, CCPA will be live before we know it. 

The IAB technical lab has produced the first iteration of technical specifications for the IAB CCPA Compliance Framework. The IAB says these specifications are available for immediate adoption by publishers and tech companies. Martech companies and publishers subject to CCPA should take this under serious consideration. 

Last month, the IAB released the first draft of its CCPA Compliance Framework, opening the document for comment. The framework — which is similar to the group’s GDPR consent guidelines — received input from multiple stakeholders and lawyers, along with other experts. The IAB reminds companies to conduct their own due diligence and consult privacy lawyers.

Salesforce kicked off its annual user carnival Dreamforce yesterday (more on that below) with the launch of Salesforce 360 Truth. Patrick Stokes, EVP of platform, shared services at Salesforce, said the newly introduced Salesforce 360 Truth platform aims to “create more connected and continued experiences,” by bringing the full context of the customer into the experience.

The platform is missing one key feature for marketers: Customer 360 Audiences, which seeks to help marketers unify customer profile data. The Customer 360 Audiences component  will be added to the platform later in 2020, according to Stokes. The solution uses email addresses, first-party identifiers and unknown user data in coordination with Salesforce’s Einstein AI to create customer segments and predict details like “lifetime value” and “likelihood to churn.”

Continue reading for more including a landslide of news (not rumors) from Dreamforce and your Pro Tip on driving a change management process that delivers better results.

Jennifer Cannon,
Senior Editor

Pro Tip

Understanding change management can help deliver better results

“Resistance is a natural human reaction to change regardless if it’s good or bad. Change management provides tactics for addressing both expected and unexpected resistance,” explains Steve Petersen of Western Governors University. “For instance, an organization may decide to change CMS platforms. Each employee will have their own unique reaction. These reactions draw from the individual’s comfort with the current CMS, perception of their ability to adjust to another platform, their perceived influence on the decision and many other factors. Two (of many) elements of the Prosci method can help address such reactions to this change.”

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2020 SEO trends that will influence your work

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Google is aiming to be the end destination of their users’ journeys. This, more than anything, defines major SEO trends for 2020.

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MarTech Minute

It’s Dreamforce 2019 and everyone’s there…including Fleetwood Mac

Salesforce isn’t cutting any corners at this year’s annual Dreamforce user conference. The company has recruited 27 keynote speakers and is offering 2,200 sessions. There will be a Fleetwood Mac performance (“Have you any dreams you’d like to sell?”) and appearances by President Barack Obama, soccer star Megan Rapinoe and “Game of Thrones” alum Emilia Clarke. 

But what’s the real news? Along with the newly launched Salesforce Customer 360 Truth platform, Salesforce shared more information on its partnership with Apple, announced an expanded partnership with Microsoft and introduced deeper integration with Tableau (which it acquired in August). The company also rolled out a new Einstein Voice feature within its CRM, enabling a “customized, voice-activated” interface as part of their Salesforce apps. 

As far as its partnership with Apple — which was first announced at last year’s conference — Salesforce is launching two new iOS apps: The Salesforce Mobile app and Trailhead GO. The new Salesforce app is powered by Einstein technology and includes new analytics and features that are exclusive to iOS (Siri shortcuts and a face ID feature). The Trailhead GO is the first app for Salesforce’s Trailhead learning platform. The company’s also bringing Apple CEO Tim Cook on stage — not quite Stevie Nicks celebrity-wise, but he holds rank in certain circles for sure.

Salesforce also announced it was extending its partnership with Amazon Web Services, something we’ll be covering later this week.


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