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Facebook is testing a new tool that allows users to move photos and videos between Facebook and other platforms. The test will initially roll out with support for Google Photos, with plans for other platforms to follow in the coming months. The shift is part of the Data Transfer Project, a joint initiative between Facebook, Twitter, Google and Microsoft seeking to simplify data transfer processes between online services. 

Small businesses that use the Facebook Photos feature like a free DAM will be able to take advantage of the new tool and increase efficiencies when moving assets between platforms. Social marketers will be able to use the new tool to bulk-transfer media instead of manually saving and re-uploading assets.

Experian has launched a new solution designed to help marketers connect online and offline customer attributes to better understand their target audiences. The solution uses machine-learning algorithms to connect billions of identity signals and data elements, including Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDs) from external and internal resources. 

Available via Experian’s MarketingConnect, the solution will allow marketers to bridge gaps between disparate data sources to solve identity resolution and bring together the appropriate data points to reach customers with relevant, timely campaigns.

We have much more for you below, including your Pro Tip on aligning a team view of priorities for long term success.

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Pro Tip

Long term success means aligning a team view of priorities

“An agile marketing team becomes successful when it has the ability to work from one prioritized marketing backlog. This allows the people doing the work to spend time actually working, not fielding ad-hoc requests,” explains Stacey Ackerman of Agilify. “In order to do this successfully, leaders need to understand their role isn’t to assign work or to interrupt the team with emergency requests. This slows the team down and makes deadlines for completion unreliable.”

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Webinar: Get More Value Out of Your First-Party Data

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First-party data is your most important advantage in today’s highly regulated marketing environment. But extracting value from first party data hasn’t been easy — until now. Artificial intelligence (AI) is now delivering smarter customer insights, resulting in more effective search, social and display ad campaigns.

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MarTech Minute launches Cold Call Central, Zilliant announces real-time market pricing launches Cold Call Central. Conversation intelligence platform launched a new dashboard dubbed Cold Call Central, which uses AI and machine learning to provide insights into cold calls. The dashboard, available in Chorus, displays a customizable view that is designed to help sales users improve prospecting efforts, and identifies top-performing call scripts. “When it comes down to it, we all really want two things — quality meetings booked, and more of them,” said Preston Tiegs, sales enablement at Podium. “But that comes down to hundreds of variables. Leveraging Chorus’s Cold Call Central, we are able to diagnose variables like improving connection rates, building strategy around gatekeepers, how to leave a voicemail, and most of all, identifying winning talk tracks to drive more booked meetings.”

Zilliant announces real-time market pricing. B2B price optimization, management and sales guidance software Zilliant has announced the launch of its real-time market pricing capabilities. The software includes the ability to leverage digital and e-commerce data as an additional input to pricing management calculations to set online-specific pricing. “Market conditions and business dynamics are changing at an incredibly fast pace,” said Zilliant’s senior vice president of products and science Pete Eppele. “Further building on our API capabilities that were introduced in 2015, we’re thrilled to give our customers a reimagined approach to proactive e-commerce pricing that delivers tailored, intelligent, and market-relevant pricing at a moment’s notice.”

Mood Media merges teams under Technomedia brand. Customer Experience company Mood Media has announced plans to expand its Technomedia brand into a new specialty team, bringing three of Mood Media’s teams under one operational umbrella. The new division will provide original, immersive media experiences from design and integration to installation and support. “By combining some of our best resources from across these different divisions, we ensure Mood Media puts its best foot forward from start to finish when selling highly complex and customized solutions to our clients,” said Mood Media’s global SVP of systems, visuals & affiliate sales, Simon Bexon, who is pegged to lead the new Technomedia group.


MarTech Keynote Alert!

Breaking news, marketers: Nancy Duarte and Brian Solis are keynoting MarTech! Next April 15-17, Nancy and Brian will tackle two of the biggest challenges in marketing… Challenge #1: Data Deluge and Challenge #2: Digital Noise.

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