Good morning, Marketers, as the leaves start falling.

Autumn…(fall, if you prefer)…season of mists and virtual conferences, as Keats did not exactly write. And of course the virtual conference which should be top of your list and entered in your calendar is MarTech (October 6-8).

The agenda is now live, and although we have some names to fill in, it will give you a good idea of the scope and scale of what we’re trying to accomplish. I myself am assigned to talk Stackies with Scott Brinker, as well as hosting some of the end-of-day MarTech Live (truly live) sessions.

I’d like to tell you which of the vendor presentations I am looking forward to, but we mustn’t play favorites. It looks like a lot of valuable, insightful information, especially for marketers who are truly aligned with the opportunities offered by marketing technology and operations. Hope to see you there.

Kim Davis,
Editorial Director
MarTech Today

MarTech Live

Email as part of a modern multi-channel strategy

Coming up next Wednesday, a look at email marketing. Sure, it’s been around awhile, and it’s almost taken for granted, but it remains a critical digital channel for both B2B and B2C marketers.

Join Kim Davis and his guests April Mullen and Michael Barber to hear how email is guiding today’s customer journeys, how to orchestrate it in alignment with other important channels, and whether some of the cutting edge email technologies out there present real value.

April Mullen is Director of Brand and Content Marketing at SparkPost. Michael Barber is the founder of Barber & Hewitt. Join us live on Wednesday, September 16 at 1pm ET.


Webinar: Great Marketing Starts with Better Planning

We can all agree that 2021 can’t come soon enough, and as your start thinking about what next year could look like, the strategic planning process needs to be as good or better than the tactics that your team will produce and execute. But in the “next normal” we find ourselves in, what should strategic planning look like? Join our experts to learn best practices, tips, and strategies that work to improve your strategic marketing planning for next year and beyond.

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InMarket buys NinthDecimal to compete with Foursquare more effectively

Location analytics and data providers InMarket and NinthDecimal are joining forces, with the former acquiring the latter for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition was likely motivated by several factors, among them the need to get bigger to better compete with market leader Foursquare “location” or “location data.” 

The announcement did not emphasize location data, but described a more comprehensive and brand-conscious “omnichannel” marketing platform that can tie online and offline performance data together.

In 2017 the MRC issued Location-Based Advertising Measurement Guidelines and just issued its first accreditation to Foursquare. In an apparent response, InMarket said: “We are the only platform whose individual offerings from Audiences to visits for Attribution…have been certified and/or validated by independent third parties, including Location Sciences for audiences and Comscore for reach, our visit/data methodology and data accuracy.”

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The MarTech agenda is live!

80+ tactic-rich sessions, empowering keynotes, live virtual networking… it’s all here. Check out the MarTech agenda and join us online, October 6-8, for free!

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Virtual Events Center launched to help marketing efforts of charities and nonprofits

With charities, community causes and nonprofit organizations working harder than ever to reach donors, OneCause, an online platform for event fundraising, has announced its new Virtual Events Center for those three categories. 

The platform allows nonprofit groups to easily manage virtual fundraising events, collect donations and develop content via live and pre-recorded video. 

The Virtual Event Center also allows these groups to:

– Host auctions and raffles;
– Create donor fundraising challenges and gamification;
– Develop digital visibility and recognition for donors and sponsors;
– Community and human connection campaigns; and
– Produce pre-event and post-event communications and social events. 

“COVID brought an immediate need for nonprofits to rethink how they power their missions and embrace new strategies to reach donors in a virtual world,” said OneCause Chief Executive Officer Steve Johns. “Nonprofit technology needs are changing, this tool will help nonprofits with engaging online experiences at their virtual events.” 

Why we care. One of the many regrettable effects of the pandemic is a threat to funding streams for cause organizations. Here’s a sign that technology can be deployed to create new opportunities.

Quote of the Day

“The unbeatable combination in B2B marketing for 2020+. Creativity + speed. That’s the killer combination.” Dave Gerhardt, Privy.