Good morning, Marketers, and we’re still being agile.

All agile all the time, it seems, with the on-demand replay of last week’s MarTech Live on agile marketing, and a new contributed piece by one of the guests on that show, Stacey Ackerman.

Which makes me wonder, how important is agile strategy to real-world marketing professionals? Certainly there’s uptake by some high-profile enterprises with large and distributed marketing functions. You can find agile marketing at IT companies (Dell EMC comes to mind). As a mind-set with its roots in software development, that’s not surprising.

But how many of our regular readers are using agile or considering it? I’d love to know:

Kim Davis,
Editorial Director
MarTech Today

MarTech Live

Replay: Why agile marketing is made for marketing technologists

Available on demand, this edition of MarTech Live features agile coach and founder of Agilify, Stacey Ackerman, and digital strategist and founder of the Boston agile marketing meet-up group, John Cass.

We start with a look at the basic principles and benefits of an agile marketing approach. Then we look at first steps to take, including getting executive buy-in and buy-in from stakeholders.

Then we get granular, looking at Scrum and Kanban models and estimation methodologies. Something for everyone, we hope, whether agile is barely on your radar, or if you’ve adopted it and are looking to take the next steps.

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3 ways to make your agility during the pandemic a foundational tool for the long term

One thing we’re hearing is that, despite the tragic consequences of the pandemic, many marketing teams are finding they’ve never been able to transform so fast, finding inventive ways to meet the challenge, and getting people to buy in to organizational change much more readily than before.

In other words, whether marketers are consciously practising an agile methodology or not, they’ve had to find deep wells of agility to adjust to rapidly changing circumstances. Agile coach Stacey Ackerman says: “For many marketing organizations, “getting it right” has been the primary goal. This has led marketers down the path of weeks (or months) of research and stringent approval processes. Because marketers’ jobs often depend on ‘getting it right,’ we’ve become process-driven and risk-averse. Then the pandemic hit, and digital strategy accelerated by six years.”

Three practices developed under these conditions should be valuable long-term lessons, says Ackerman. Adopting BHAGs (“big hairy audacious goals”), organizing around the customer, and ranking experimentation above getting it right.

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Chipotle uses TikTok challenge to launch app in-app group ordering

To bring recognition to the launch of the group ordering service on their app, Chipotle is partnering with TikTok for a family challenge called #ChipotleSponsorUs.

The new group ordering feature allows users to sign in their personal Chipotle Rewards account and then distribute a link to friends and family where they can personalize their orders. Group ordering can be used from both mobile devices and computers.

The TikTok challenge is #ChipotleSponsorUs and will give five families or a small group of up to five friends free burritos for a year. The contest ends Sept. 14.

Why we care. Inventive use of TikTok is high on the list of must-do’s for an ever-increasing number of brands.

Quote of the Day

“You have to believe that your current role and current skills will be obsolete in three years’ time. You need to be an infinite learner.” Deepali Nair, IBM India & South Asia.