Good morning, and some things still need to change.

A report released yesterday by Women Who Tech shows discriminatory practices and harassment are still a significant problem in the tech industry as a whole. This despite the raised profile of the #MeToo movement, the recruitment of diversity officers by tech companies, and employer- and employee-driven education initiatives.

The particularly unpleasant findings in the report (see below) related to harassment of women founders generally, and in particular women of color and LGBT founders, by people in a position to fund start-ups. 

Another statistic to throw into the mix (widely reported) is that black entrepreneurs across the board receive less than 1% of the venture capital out there. None of this is coincidental (as some investors in the Women Who Tech survey seem to believe), and things need to change.

Kim Davis,
Editorial Director, MarTech Today


How a U.K. food provider went from B2B to D2C in 7 days

Brakes, a supplier of food to schools, restaurants and catering companies, was running its B2B from a berth on SAP CX’s Commerce Cloud, and all was apparently fine, and then—COVID.

It became one of many businesses which needed to change its go-to-market strategy almost immediately, switching to become a direct-to-consumer food source, with online ordering and in-person delivery. That meant an overhaul of its digital experience.

With KPS, an eCommerce agency, as partner, Brakes leveraged SAP CX’s microservice capabilities to relaunch its eCommerce offering on the SAP CX platform in just seven days. The learning experience for SAP CX has enabled it to offer the transformation to D2C more widely among B2B clients caught wrong-footed by the pandemic. Said SAP CX CRO Pamela Hansen, “We were able to use the current Commerce Cloud and that made for a more efficient process. We increased commerce capabilities and using a microservices-based architecture was key in reducing time to value.” 

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Build compelling product experiences that fuel great customer experiences

What is product information management (PIM) and why is it such a hot topic in both B2B and B2C commerce? The ability to leverage PIM to deliver engaging product experiences and to be able to rapidly adapt is *key* in order to scale and grow. Join this webinar and learn how the current landscape has led to rapid digital transformation for online retailers to manage product information and how to deliver the most relevant product content to your customers– at the right time, in the right place.

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Women in tech report continuing discrimination and harassment

Women Who Tech, a non-profit with sponsors that include Google, Mozilla and Johnson & Johnson Innovation, yesterday released a report describing persistent, and in some cases worsening, discrimination and harassment within the tech industry.

Based on a survey of around a thousand founders, employees and investors, the report appears to detail a pattern of sexual harassment by representatives of venture capital, directed at women and LGBTQ founders, with a higher threat to women of color.

Said Women Who Tech: “The #MeToo movement spurred significant publicity, advocacy campaigns, lawsuits, and investments in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) trainings and pledges, but the survey results clearly illustrate that barriers for women, especially women of color, are still being upheld at unprecedented levels.”

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Deliver exceptional customer experiences

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inBoxAds partners with email marketing platform designed to increase open rates

inboxAds has announced an integration with Automizy, an email marketing platform with functionality and features to help marketers increase their email open rates. 

Automizy provides email automation tools which add color, font and images that lead to higher engagement levels. inboxAds uses native ads, AI and advanced personalization algorithms to optimize email campaigns. 

Why we care. Using programmatic ad campaigns to trigger emails is one thing. Getting the recipients to open the emails is another.


Quote of the Day

“Even before COVID-19, as a small startup, growth has always been a challenge. Grants are essential especially for black women startup founders like myself who — as a group — only receive .02% of venture funding.” DeShuna Spencer, CEO & founder, kweliTV.