Good morning, Marketers, and should you be paying attention to live streaming?

As everyone knows, live streaming in all its various forms has taken off over the last six months, and for obvious reasons. Not that it’s new: it all started, some say, about 20 years ago.

Now it’s being suggested by some commentators that the growth in popularity of live streaming isn’t something that will pass; it’s not dependent, they say, on the health crisis; rather it’s a valid form of entertainment that will retain and grow its audience. The technology was already there, the pandemic has accelerated both the creation of content and the demand for it. A perfect combination.

Why is live streaming popular? Apparently because it’s… well… live. Which means it’s unedited and puts the audience “in the moment.” A bit like live TV, I want to say, and does anyone else remember radio? But the big difference, of course, is that it’s interactive—just the kind of engagement we all demand in an era where we all not only have opinions, but can publish them to the world in a few clicks.

Kim Davis
Editorial Director, MarTech Today

MarTech Live

Where Does Marketing Automation Fit within Your Martech Stack?

On Wednesday, September 23 at 1pm EDT, MarTech Today’s Editorial Director and host of MarTech Live, Kim Davis, will be talking with marketing automation experts about the state of marketing automation, and where it fits in the fast-evolving marketing stack. Kim’s guests will be:

Helen Abramova, Marketing Technology Lead, Verizon
Justin Sharaf, VP Marketing, Jahia Solutions

Topics of discussion will include how marketing automation platforms seek to differentiate themselves; whether marketing automation fits in the stack as a hub and central data source, or should be one of a number of digital experience solutions integrated with a single data source like a CDP; and the critical importance of integration, for example with CRMs and events tools.

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What data rights do advertisers possess?

Google’s latest decision to strip Search Terms data insights from advertisers has prompted renewed focus on the question of data ownership. 

Some believe that advertisers own the data outright, or at least the data is part of what they are paying for. Some believe the platform (in this case Google) owns the data, and that advertisers are simply playing within the elected program. Some may not have a hard and fast opinion on who does or does not own the data, but believe that advertisers do have certain rights and the platform cannot simply do what it wants.

Kirk Williams, owner of PPC micro-agency Zato, believes this debate has wide-reaching ramifications: “This gets into the privacy conversation. This gets into the data storage conversation. This gets into the automation conversation. This gets into marketing in nearly every way possible at this time.”

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TV ad insights platform aims to increase efficiency

Data and analytics provider EDO Inc. has released its new Ad Engage platform that comes with two customizable modules, Ad EnGage Competitive Intelligence (CI) and Ad Engage Search Engagement (SE). Ad Engage CI is a database of over 70 million airings on over 120 networks collected from 2015 to current time. 

Ad Engage CI offers: real-time ad occurrence data and metadata; omni-search capability; web app; and the ability to review and analyze national TV advertising to produce data-driven recommendations. 

Ad Engage SE produces real-time information on consumer engagement to maximize TV ad campaigns. Ad Engage SE measures consumer response to TV advertising.

Why we care. Whether addressable or not, TV isn’t there just to blast one message to one passive audience any more. Engagement and more precise attribution are increasingly part of the game.

Quote of the Day

“Those planning for the future must spend their time thinking about:  How do I automate things previously not being automated?  How can I focus on being as local as possible?” Brian Fanzo, digital futurist.