Good morning, and have you had enough noise?

When I spoke with Steve Lucas early last year, he was still heading up Marketo, recently acquired by Adobe. He had also just published a book (an unusually entertaining one in its genre), Engage to Win: A Blueprint for Success in the Engagement Economy. Among its chief themes was the injunction: don’t be loud.

There’s no point, he argued, in a company trying to shout over their competitors. “We’re in a very loud, global room right now, more shouting won’t help, and ultimately you’ll get drowned out. If we can achieve a higher purpose or meaning — and measure the impact — that will set us apart.”

Engage with audiences, understand their needs and challenges, and meet them with relevant solutions. Don’t just shout. This week it feels like that’s a message which resonates beyond the world of marketing.

Kim Davis
Editorial Director, MarTech Today

Digital Transformation

Organization design is at the heart of digital transformation

The message should be clear by now, but it’s worth repeating. Digital transformation is not just technological transformation. Yes, good tech choices ease the path, and whatever tech choices you make will put constraints on what you can do as well as create opportunities. But organizational transformation is at least as important, and arguably comes first.

Mark Berns of Ready About LLC is a strategy and change consultant and former CIO who helps companies build digital capabilities, including both tech implementation and organizational and process design. He says: “The goal shouldn’t be to ‘be more digital,’ or to be like digital-first companies (many of whom fail) but rather to be more adept at change, to build a culture of innovation and learning.”

It’s critical to make sure, he argues, that technology selection and implementation are driven by business strategy, not the other way around. Reporting structures, culture, business processes, and people practices like hiring, training and rewards, need to support a strategy and not be driven by a technology.

What does that mean in practice? Read more from Mark Berns here.


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Virtual Events

The trend to virtual events is not reversible

Coinciding with the release of ON24 Conversion Tools, bringing a range of buyer intent signals to sales reps, and into marketing automation and CRM systems, we spoke to the digital experience platforms co-founder and President-CEO Sharat Sharan about the fast-growing virtual event space.

“In these unfortunate times, when the physical world has gone on pause,” he said, “you have organizations which need to generate pipeline and demand, and that has driven momentum for our company — but the core of what we do continues to be the same.” Has the growing demand for remote experiences been overwhelming? “The demand has been very strong, let’s put it that way,” said Sharan.

He also thinks it’s unlikely that the demand is reversible. “It’s not rocket science to realize that customer engagement has basically moved online,” said Sharan. “We’re all looking forward to physical events coming back, but the trend towards more online customer engagement has been accelerated, and that is going to continue. I don’t think it’s a reversible trend.”

Read more here.


Text messaging added to Springbot platform

Automated marketing provider Springbot has released a new capability for text messaging for retail marketers to communicate with shoppers. 

The service is available to consumers who have opted in text message communication and is implemented after setup and keyword selection processes are complete. The new text messaging service also comes with short code access. 

Why we care. According to Springbot, 75% of consumers like to receive their information via text message. Be on the lookout for more providers to either add or enhance their text messaging functionality to meet this demand. 


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Quote of the Day

“In CDP 1.0, enterprise marketers often bought platforms out of genuine frustration; they couldn’t get sufficient access to prospect and customer data. That need remains real, and must be addressed.” Tony Byrne, Real Story Group.