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How marketers can get the highest ROI out of podcasts

“Podcasting is still a vast, open space that brands are smart to jump into,” says Lindsay Tiepkema, CEO of Casted, a podcast-centered marketing platform. “When you consider there are about 1 million podcasts, but more than 600 million blogs, you can see how much opportunity still exists for brands to own their own space.”

The truth is, over the past couple of years, many marketing teams made a jump into podcasts without thinking through strategy and objectives — after all, a podcast series can be cheap and quick to fire up. What they should have been thinking about is the purpose of the podcast, how to provide content which differentiates it, and who to invite as guests.

What’s more, the route to ROI isn’t via sales pitches. “As a marketer, don’t look to try to monetize your podcast, worry more about building a consistent high-quality content outflow and go from there,” says Karla Joe Helms, co-host of the If You Market They Will Come podcast. “People get tired of sales pitches.”

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With over 8,000 martech tools in Scott Brinker’s landscape, harnessing data for business can be a challenge.

But there are some key ways you can maximize resources between marketing and IT teams to leverage insights for better marketing and business outcomes. Join this webinar and learn how to build partnerships between Marketing and IT teams to manage martech tools and connect martech data to reporting tools for improved real-time insights.

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Native Advertising

CTV and B2B: 3 reasons why Connected TV advertising is primed for B2B

Sponsored by SteelHouse

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to deploy tactics and strategies that work. But if everyone’s following the same playbook, then you risk getting lost in the shuffle; you’re just another booth at the event or email in a prospect’s inbox. That said, if the key motivation of the B2B mindset is to put results above all else, then that provides you a different option. 

That option is Connected TV advertising. It’s made a splash in the B2C world because it has given advertisers a data-fueled way to run ads on television. CTV advertising’s targeting and measurement capabilities have made it a vital, direct-response tool for many marketers. And those same advantages translate seamlessly to B2B—while simultaneously giving you a way to cut through the usual B2B clutter. 

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How to make your data sing

Did you ever sit through a horrible presentation reporting digital marketing results? The kind of presentation that simply contains screenshots from Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Adwords, Google Console, or reports from a backend ecommerce system? Data without context can be meaningless, and data itself — let’s be honest — can be boring.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Data visualization is a step in the right direction, replacing tables of figures with impactful graphs and charts. But it’s also important to visualize meaningful and actionable data, not just all the data, and to add context: for example, by introducing ratios (e.g. Cost per Session : Revenue) rather than just reporting absolute figures. 

Alan K’necht, an independent SEO, Social and Analytics consultant, provides detailed guidance on enhancing marketing data presentations, including examples and software recommendations.

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Mailchimp & Co launches

Mailchimp, the marketing platform dedicated to small and growing businesses, has announced the launch of Mailchimp & Co, a community of more than 35,000 individual freelance practitioners and agencies. Providing impetus was the recognition that over 40% of service providers within the Mailchimp ecosystem are freelancers. What’s more, over a third of Mailchimp customers outsourced work to a freelancer or agency within the past year.

The community will serve as a resource for small businesses to find trusted partners who will help them grow. Freelancers and agencies within the community will have access to Mailchimp training and resources. The community offers event boards where freelancers and agency representatives can meet and engage with their peers, expand their competences, and earn rewards.

Quote of the Day

“Once you’ve narrowed down your potential influencers to connect with, it’s important to return to this question: If an influencer shared your message, would it resonate with their community?” Neil Schaffer, digital social media marketing author and consultant.