Good morning, Marketers, are you feeling agile?

In our story today about the year (so far) in digital marketing, Topo’s Craig Rosenberg, referring to the B2B space, memorably remarks: “It’s hard to know what will happen a day from now, so what you build going forward from a strategy, people, process and technology perspective has to be virtual and agile.”

All the more reason, then, to follow the series on agile marketing which agile coach Stacey Ackerman has been contributing to Martech Today. The latest in the series explains what to say (and not say) to your CMO when advocating for an agile strategy. Among the notable tips are, don’t try to sell it as a process — the C level is more interested in the destination than how to get there — and avoid agile lingo (“Then we go into our scrum…”).

I’m curious what the adoption of agile is like among our readers. If you have any success (or failure) stories with agile, let me know:

Kim Davis
Editorial Director, MarTech Today

Digital Marketing

What a long, strange year in digital marketing

As we ease warily into Q4, not knowing for sure what it’s likely to bring, we take a look back over the trends we’ve seen, both in B2B and B2C marketing, since we made the unwelcome acquaintance of the novel coronavirus back in Q1. For marketers (for journalists too), we’ve witnessed upheaval in our personal and professional lives. It’s impossible to generalize across the country as a whole, but perhaps some of us have found the situation more stable over the last month or so. Who knows what’s coming next?

Meghan Keaney Anderson, VP of Marketing at HubSpot, monitors business success (or failure) across a 70,000-plus customer base. Craig Rosenberg, co-founder of Topo, is a leading B2B analyst. Taylor Schreiner, Director of Digital Insights at Adobe has data from the Adobe Digital Experience Index at his finger-tips.

We spoke to them about the immediate effects of the lockdown back in March and April, about how businesses and consumers have found some kind of equilibrium, and what to look for as we head into the holiday season.

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Global Privacy Control group aims to succeed where ‘do not track’ failed

A group of companies that includes Mozilla (Firefox) and DuckDuckGo have launched a privacy initiative called Global Privacy Control (GPC). A new browser specification, it’s intended to simplify and expedite consumer privacy requests under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Publishers that have signed on include the New York Times, Washington Post and the Financial Times. 

Based on user settings, the browser or extension will send a signal to publisher sites. According to GPC, “This signal communicates a Do Not Sell request as outlined in CCPA regulations and conveys a general request that data controllers limit the sale or sharing of the user’s personal data, as outlined in the GDPR.”

If it reminds you of the ill-fated “do not track” (DNT) initiative that’s because it’s quite similar in many respects. It was largely ignored by big publishers and ad-tech companies, including Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Microsoft. GPC is totally voluntary. And just like DNT publishers can choose to disregard it.

Abine CEO Rob Shavell, whose software company sells privacy solutions, offered a reason publishers might comply: “By complying with this standard, they can avoid some compliance costs and burdens [of CCPA and GDPR].” While not compliance in itself, he added that participation would potentially be helpful in making the case they’re compliant with CCPA.

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SundaySky rolls out personalized video platform for retailers

Digital marketers looking to enhance their use of video can now add a new configurable video product as an option. SundaySky, an experience-driven video platform, has introduced industry-specific templates for retailers to quickly modify video elements without any additional costs. 

The new video configuration is targeted specifically at direct-to-consumer brands, including grocers and retailers. Expectations are that the customized video content will increase sales and ROI for both in-store and online experiences.  

Why we care. Individually customized videos may not yet be common currency, but eventually consumers will likely expect them. This is a trend to be aware of, and plan for.

Quote of the Day

“We forget that not every business has been online…Not just mom’n’pop shops, but we’ve even seen major consultancy firms, which did most of their business face-to-face, needing to figure out an online set-up. That’s the story of the year: the last breath of long-tail businesses that weren’t online are now online.” Meghan Keaney Anderson, VP of Marketing, HubSpot.