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Coming up next Wednesday at 1pm ET, I’ll be hosting a live conversation about the various roles within marketing operations. I’ll be asking about how marketing operations fits into marketing, how it’s emerging as a distinctive career path, the different skills required for the different roles within marketing operations, the importance of specialization and becoming a subject matter expert, and how successful marketing operations professionals bring order out of chaos.

Helping with answers to those questions and others, I’ll have Darrell Alfonso, Global Marketing Operations Manager, Amazon Web Services, who’s also responsible for one of the most entertaining and insightful streams of marketing ops-related activity on LinkedIn. I’ll also welcome ops practitioner and MarTech Today contributor Steve Petersen.

The live audience is limited to 100, so if you want to participate in the Q&A, please sign up here.

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Reasons for marketers to ad drones to the martech stack

Maybe not literally a drone in the stack, but there are a couple of good reasons marketers in some verticals might be able to drive value from the low-flying objects. For one thing, drones can capture real-time foot traffic at locations of interest, and deliver images which help define the traffic in demographic terms. That can help refine campaigns targeting that traffic in those neighborhoods.

Secondly, drone images can help with product display. Commercial and luxury real estate agencies have known this for a while, but it’s becoming evident that drone images have their uses for architecture and engineering firms, as well as landscaping and agriculture companies, and many more.

Another popular use of aerial imagery is by creating what Birds Eye Aerial Drones call a ‘living logo.’ A proprietary term used by Birds Eye Aerial Drones, a living logo is when employees of a company wear specific colored t-shirts to match the company’s logo and an aerial image is taken for marketing purposes.

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Compare 13 top marketing automation platforms

MarTech Today’s “B2B Marketing Automation Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide” examines the market for B2B marketing automation software platforms. This report includes profiles of 13 leading B2B marketing automation vendors, capabilities comparisons, pricing information, and recommended steps for evaluating and purchasing.

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Google moves one step closer to ads that can deliver personalization and privacy

This January Google announced the end of support for third-party cookies in Chrome by 2022. Simultaneously, the company promoted its “Privacy Sandbox” initiative, as an industry collaboration to develop new privacy friendly methods of audience targeting that don’t rely on unique IDs or individual cross-site tracking, and offer personalization with anonymity.

As a significant step, Google last week released the findings of a preliminary study testing use of audience cohorts — people with similar browsing histories and interests who might be targeted collectively rather than individually. Based on its Federated Learning of Cohorts API, Google was able to show that targeting interest-based cohorts would perform significantly better than random user groupings. 

Chetna Bindra, Google Senior Product Manager, User Trust and Privacy, said the big takeaway for marketers is that the study “does show early proof of concept, that it is possible to deliver both personalization and privacy” in a post-cookie world. She added that considerable work remains to be done by Google and others in the industry before something like this could be brought to market.

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Quote of the Day

“The pandemic has thrown us into a largely virtual world, and now we need to review what good communication looks like. We need to sustain connection and alignment for virtual teams, not just for the sake of productivity but to carry us through the tough times.” Pam Ashby, agile marketing coach and trainer.