Good morning, and does November feel kind of crowded?

We don’t have October to kick around any more, and doesn’t the calendar for November look packed, not just in the sales and marketing world but in the real world (if I may call it that) too?

We just saw Daylight Saving Time end, and I hope you made the most of your extra hour. We have Veteran’s Day and Diwali next week, then my daughter’s birthday (which you don’t have to worry about), and then we crash into Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, and we’ll find out whether online shopping is resilient in the face of widespread economic hardship.

There’s something scheduled for tomorrow too, right? Good luck, everyone.

Kim Davis
Editorial Director, MarTech Today


How marketers can stay centered around consumers

The rebirth of the consumer relationship with brands is one of the many changes that have occurred this year because of the COVID pandemic. And while marketers are learning to live with smaller budgets and leaner staffs, there is still an opportunity to invent new strategies and tactics behind consumer engagement. “We are at an exciting inflection point that creates a lot of opportunities for companies today to use data to shape their vision,” said Lenovo Director of Global eCommerce Strategy and Operations Derek Gominger at MarTech.

Personalization continues to be the center of content strategy to connect with consumers, and it should be used to provide product information or solutions to consumer problems, or to help establish a brand or user community. These content types should be used to create loyalty among engaged consumers.

Despite the need for personalization, because of increasing privacy regulations like GDPR in the European Union and CCPA in the state of California, it is becoming harder to collect personal information from consumers while remaining compliant.

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It’s time for Plan C: Adjusting your marketing budgets in crisis times

Sponsored by Acoustic

The sudden global upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed industries to the brink, and many companies have had to throw Plan A and even established Plan B strategies right out the window. That’s because, when it comes to managing your marketing organization through a crisis of this scale, it means starting with “Plan C”.

“It is always going to be more effective for you to have options that you can start with that you build before you’re panicked because you’re going to make more rational decisions in the early stages,” said Michael Trapani, senior director product marketing for Acoustic.

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Webinar: The 5 building blocks of intelligent buyer and account journeys

From emails to digital experiences, online events to in-person tradeshows, your buyers expect you to meet them where they are with timely, relevant, and personalized content that respects their privacy. Join our expert panel to explore how an omni-channel approach enables marketers to break down silos, connect data, tech and processes, and create the transformational experiences B2B buyers are expecting.

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MarTech Live

Operationalizing ABM

On Wednesday, November 4th at 2pm EST, MarTech Today’s Editorial Director and host of MarTech Live, Kim Davis, will be talking with industry experts about why it’s now more important than ever to operationalize ABM.

Most B2B marketers are practicing ABM in one form or another. But as we all know, this year is not like last year — and who knows what next year will bring? Whether you’re a business searching for leads in the desert or possibly overwhelmed by leads (if for example you’re selling something which supports remote working), an ABM strategy has never been more important. We’ll be discussing what B2B marketers should be asking themselves about ABM right now.

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Dynamic Yield releases cookieless GDPR compliance solution

To meet the requirements of GDPR, experience optimization platform Dynamic Platform has released its ‘No Consent, No Cookies’ solution. The solution gives brands a guarantee that the only data collected by Dynamic Yield is from actively opted-in users. 

Many of today’s consent mechanisms in the market rely on cookies to process opt-out requests. This is potentially non-compliant with GDPR guidelines as it allows websites to deploy cookies for various purposes before the user actually opts in. 

Dynamic Yield’s new solution can guarantee compliance by automatically halting tracking until user consent is achieved. Dynamic Yield’s A/B testing and recommendation tools can still be used to optimize website experiences based on anonymous contextual data such as location and device type.   

Why we care. Brands should not only be taking GDPR seriously; they should be future-proofing their digital experience in expectation of further privacy regulations. Here’s one route to improving compliance.

Quote of the Day

“When the pandemic first started, there was a collective sense of elation, because for a long time people have been asking to work from home but companies weren’t as trusting. Now, when all of us are working from home, the management has realized that people are actually working more. But as there are productivity gains, it is creating more stress.” Emily He, SVP, Oracle.