Good morning, and happy holidays.

Don’t tell me you’re not in holiday mode yet? I hope you realized we just passed the 50 days until Christmas mark, and we’re even closer to Thanksgiving and all those business holiday sales days which follow hard on its heels.

If it’s not too late, take a look at some tips for getting on top of your holiday email campaigns (below). And if you want more actionable insights, check out the article on how to get a flying start in a new marketing role with a new brand: you need to get on top of everything from budget to product.

Kim Davis,
Editorial Director, MarTech Today


Tips for optimizing holiday email marketing campaigns

In some ways, it’s back to basics: you need to get your list and your content right if you’re going to be heard above an unprecedented volume of email noise this season.

Clean up your list, perhaps with the help of a validation service. Cutting the list may be painful, but there’s no point marketing to unknown users and mistyped domains.

“Avoid scheduling any type of full blown ESP migration or a warm up of a brand new IP,” said Validity email Strategist Tori Garcia at MarTech. “During the holidays the volume is already really high because of the number of emails that retailers and brands are sending. Mailbox providers are already having a hard time handling the influx of emails.”

You should also be thinking, not just about content, but about personalized content which means more than just inserting a customer’s name. There are opportunities to trigger messages based on consumers’ multi-channel behavior. Triggered messages can substantially increase conversions.

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How to start strong in a new marketing position

What are the best ways to start strong at your new job? “You need to remove yourself from the scenario for better insight,” said Ashley Small, founder and CEO of Medley, Inc., a PR and digital marketing agency, “and start by putting yourself in the seat of the consumer and judging that experience, including their fears and frustration.”

Ashley was one of the marketers advising on us on how to hit the ground running in a new role with a new brand: timely advice in these disruptive times when people in all walks of life are coping with career changes — both intended and unexpected.

Some highlights: take a close look not just at your new brand, but at the competition. What kind of experiences are they delivering to their customers? You’ll want to know about current budgets, but be curious about historical budgets too: what was cut, and why? Also, get close to the product team and open a channel of communication to feed back to them what you’re hearing in the field.

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How the parent of brands like Timberland and Smartwool views customer data now

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“About a year and a half, almost two years ago now, we pursued a journey in search of a technology that aligned with our customer-centricity objectives, and ultimately selected a CDP,” said Reem Seghairoun of multi-brand apparel company VF Corp, adding that it began with its use cases rather than with a specific technology in mind. “And the journey has been going on since.”

Specifically, VF was looking for a technology that supported sophisticated customer analytics and addressed consumer privacy concerns. It sought a solution that was easy to use that meshed with the company culture. VF considered building versus buying, while always keeping customer-centricity front and center.



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Social Media announces two new patents to simplify creation of social media ad targeting

Reputation experience management platform has announced two new patents for its online reputation management technology, Customized Allocation Framework and Customized Targeting Framework. Both frameworks operate together to simplify the process of creating targeted advertisements on social media. 

The patents allow users to select a top-performing post and target it based on demographic data to increase engagement and reach. monitors past consumer choices to make future customization easier and more efficient. The ideal users of Customized Allocation Framework and Customized Targeting Framework are multi-location customers who have created simple and intuitive advertisements. 

Why we care.’s announcements indicate the ways in which brands are looking for clarity and efficiency in their social campaigns.  


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Quote of the Day

“Why did it take a pandemic to accelerate telemedicine, online education for everyone, and more? It should not take a pandemic to do the right thing for our customers. At the end of the day, we will recognize the companies that go out of the way to attend to our needs — even if those needs are unspoken or barely formed yet — and reward them with long-term loyalty.” Nate Skinner, SVP Global Marketing for CX, Oracle.