Good morning, Marketers, and what are you thankful for today? 

We’re officially less than 10 days away from the big day of thanks. Now 2020 has obviously been a year full of unexpected inconveniences, but now more than ever we should be thankful for the simple things—family, friends and health. 

Professionally, I think it is safe to say that all marketers are giving thanks for their audiences and consumers this Thanksgiving. So today we help you focus on both, as we cover best practices for email marketing during a pandemic and the importance of consumer empathy. 

Ready to end 2020 now and start organizing for 2021? We also have an article on how to get your digital house in order during the holiday season. 

Maybe being thankful for the opportunity to be thankful is a little too simplistic, or maybe simplicity is what we all need to end 2020 on a positive note. 

Rodric Bradford
Editor, MarTech Today

Digital Marketing

Clean your digital house for the holiday season

The 2020 holiday season is here and a new Google-commissioned Ipsos survey has found that nearly three quarters of U.S. shoppers plan on doing more online shopping than the 2019 holiday season. 

What this means for marketers is that being found online, whether through social media channels or through Google My Business (GMB) listings will be incredibly important. Speaking of location, location-based offers are expected to have increased value as traveling far and wide for the best holiday gifts will not be en vogue for the obvious reasons. 

Find out other ways to get your digital house in order for the 2020 holiday season.

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Webinar: 3 Ways the CMO and the CFO Can Become BFFs

Marketing teams that are able to excel at spend management, financial agility, and optimized planning will be the ones that set themselves apart in 2021. In this webinar, we’ll break down the three key areas where marketers can strengthen the relationship between the CMO and the CFO to continue to grow the business at scale. Join our experts and learn the importance of proper spend management how to best calculate customer value and build financial acumen

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How to conduct email marketing in a pandemic world

The digital transformation that has been accelerated by the COVID outbreak has affected all parts of the martech stack, from platforms to apps. While the volume of email marketing campaigns has increased, not much attention has been paid to how email marketing itself has had to change.

Shifts in buying patterns caused an even greater need for email marketing campaigns to implement personalization of content, said Erinne Mejia, Product Manager for Acoustic, at MarTech Conference. Find out what else Mejia and her colleague, Acoustic Chief Innovation Catalyst Melissa Tatoris, said about email marketing strategy in this new world, including tips for data hygiene to maintain maximum agility with campaigns.

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Why empathy is about meeting the customer on their terms

Sponsored by Pegasystems

It may be a hard truth for us best-intentioned marketers to swallow, but two-thirds of customers believe that marketers do not care about their needs.

That’s according to a survey of 5,000 individuals by Pega. And when you look at what marketers face, it is easy to see how that kind of sentiment takes root.

“Think about the scale of your business,” said Andrew LeClair, senior product marketing manager at Pegasystems. “You’re trying to manage literally billions of interactions, with millions of customers, across hundreds and hundreds of programs, on dozens and dozens of channels — and that’s a lot of complexity. And unfortunately, that complexity leaves us exposed. There’s not a lot of chances for us to get it right, but there’s a ton of opportunities for things to go wrong, and it only takes one poor experience and the customer is out the door.”

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Digital Marketing

SimilarWeb adds to its digital marketing and research tools

Digital intelligence company SimilarWeb has rolled out additions to its digital marketing and research intelligence tools to enhance digital strategy and execution efficiency. 

Just last year SimiliarWeb added marketing intelligence tools to optimize customer acquisition and research tools to monitor digital market share and trends. Now they have announced product updates for both tools to generate more in-depth customer insights. 

SimilarWeb’s intelligence resources are not only for consumer acquisition strategies but also allows users to mitigate emerging threats. 

Why we care. Top-line intelligence tools are not enough in a digital transformation where consumers’ needs and actions are changing by the second. Ongoing updates address the need to keep pace and an appearance to be in lockstep with the evolving consumer, the consumer profile of nine months ago might as well be nine years ago at this point.

Quote of the day

“This [COVID] situation has made it that scale and operations efficiency have to be built and engineered into businesses. It has to be part of your overall solution. These internal processes and development of operations allows marketers to place their energy with customers.” Scot Gillespie, General Manager, Arc Publishing.