Good morning, Marketers, it’s time to catch up with MarTech Live.

If you missed the last two episodes of our live video conversations, they’re now available on demand. The aim has been to take front-of-mind issues for marketers, and set them in the context of hands-on practice and operationalization.

In that spirit, check out the discussion on operationalizing ABM with consultant Pam Didner, and former analyst-current practitioner Gil Canare.  Follow that with a wild ride through the world of digital asset management featuring a leading DAM consultant, Mark Davey, and the guy who manages the vast image resources of the Union of European Football Associations, Paul Murphy.

Are there subjects you’d like us to cover in future episodes? Let me know:

Kim Davis
Editorial Director, MarTech Today


Trying to market during this uncertain holiday season? Stay focused on the job in front of you

This year has likely changed the face of digital marketing for good, and we’re all now waiting to see what the holiday season and 2021 will bring. The pandemic, combined with the exhausting election, is enough to sap anyone’s morale, but Ryan Phelan, co-founder of Origin Email and a distinguished marketing strategist, has some tips on making it through the next few months.

Number one: be empathetic. Empathy trumps conversion-directed personalization. Secondly, take a break from “doom scrolling.” Third, check in on the welfare of your team. And finally, update your data models to reflect the wide range of scenarios which might be coming over the horizon.

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The fundamentals of CRM data management

Businesses that get data management right experience better customer relationships, create more effective sales and marketing campaigns, and uncover valuable insights that increase revenue and growth. In fact, companies that embrace a data-driven strategy are growing 30% year-over-year. This white paper will show you how to avoid the pitfalls of poor CRM data management and share a five-part plan to make sure your data is accurate and actionable.

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How Autodesk overhauled its marketing to get a big-picture view of spend and return Sponsored by Allocadia

Sponsored by Allocadia

Autodesk faced a challenge with which many marketers are familiar. Teams that were expert in their various disciplines — channel marketing, regional marketing, industry marketing, etc. — had diverged into silos in the absence of a strong marketing performance management program. There was no unified view of how marketing spend affected program goals across all of these initiatives.

“Without breaking down those silos, you can’t get to a point where you’re tracking spend in a unified way across campaigns,” said Autodesk’s Zoe Marquardt, the company’s consultant on marketing performance management (MPM). “You can’t even develop unified campaigns across the company.”

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Digital Transformation

Is your transformation strategy really a strategy?

Remember when the five-year business plan worked just fine, when the pace of change was slower, when it was easier for companies to spot competition coming, and when disruption wasn’t really a thing? That’s no longer the case. Not only is change a constant, but the buzz in business is continuous transformation, and especially digital transformation.

“Lack of a well-defined and well-communicated strategy is among the most common reasons for failed digital or other business transformations,” writes strategy and change consultant Mark Berns. “The upshot is inconsistent leadership, conflicting goals and initiatives, resistance to change, and lack of resources available to deliver on change and make it stick.”

Berns has provided us with detailed advice on how to make your transformation strategy successful, but above all, he says, communicate the strategy. “It will affect everyone, so it’s vital that they understand your new focus and direction, and how it will inform their own work. As you move from defining a strategy into planning and execution, if 95% of employees don’t know where you’re going, there’s a 100% chance you’ll end up someplace else.”

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Overcome your marketing challenges

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Video comms

Zoom and Lumen announce enhanced partnership

Zoom and Lumen have announced an expanded partnership in the form of ‘Zoom delivered by Lumen.’ Building on a relationship that has existed since September 2020, Lumen delivers Zoom experiences over a high-speed, secure fiber network spanning 60 countries. The expanded partnership will combine the platforms’ security capabilities, and over the next few months roll out new features like Zoom Phone and Lumen Cloud Connect for Zoom.

Lumen, which serves enterprises worldwide, was formerly known as CenturyLink.

Why we care. Video communications are a way of life for almost all of us, and will continue to be so in the future. Zoom’s profile in the space could hardly be higher, so an expanded partnership with a Fortune 500 communications company gets our attention.

Quote of the day

“Do what you can to find your peace and also the solution to the job in front of you. You’re not alone. You don’t see it now, but in the years to come, what we’ve been going through is going to change the face of digital marketing. You’re helping to shape our history.” Ryan Phelan, Origin Email.