Enterprise Social Media Management Software: A Marketer’s Guide


Finding the appropriate social media management tool for your business can be a challenge. This buyer’s guide provides a framework for deciding if you need an Enterprise Social Media Management Software (EMMS) solution, details the capabilities of the leading platforms, and compares offerings from leading vendors.

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The Benefits of Using ESMMS Platforms

With hundreds or even thousands of social media accounts to manage and millions of social conversations to monitor, social media marketing has become increasingly complicated and time-consuming. Automating social media marketing with an ESMMS platform can improve efficiency, compliance, and productivity by providing the following benefits:

Better legal and creative compliance across the enterprise. ESMMS platforms offer a unified interface for the integration of content development and publishing with a controlled user permission hierarchy. The result is greater consistency and compliance with style guides, as well as legal or regulatory guidelines for enterprises – particularly those with global offices or those operating in the financial, insurance, and healthcare fields.

Improved time management. The publishing tools provided by the majority of ESMMS platforms include calendars and scheduling features that automate social content posts, as well as auto-responses to audience posts or questions. By planning ahead and creating weekly or monthly content calendars, marketing staff can better spend their time being proactive and creative, rather than spending their days monitoring social network accounts.

Cross-channel reporting capabilities in near real time. Enterprises are marketing across multiple social networks, making cross-channel reporting in a single interface a “must-have” rather than a “nice-to-have” feature. ESMMS platforms provide sophisticated cross-channel reporting capabilities, many of which are widget- and wizard-driven to make reporting easy and fast for marketers.

ESMMS Platform Capabilities

Virtually all ESMMS platforms available today offer a core set of social media management tools and capabilities that focus on:

  • Content publishing to supported social networks;
  • Workflow management;
  • Mobile optimization;
  • Social listening/monitoring; and
  • Data analytics and reporting.

The platforms begin to differentiate by offering more advanced capabilities, often requiring additional investment, that include but are not limited to:

  • Vertical industry compliance tools to monitor local or regional social media marketing campaigns;
  • Marketing campaign automation across channels;
  • Cloud-based platform and data storage; and
  • Flexible APIs to enable integration with third-party marketing and analytics platforms.

Pricing and annual contracts

ESMMS platforms are a significant investment, enterprise customers can end up spending tens of thousands of dollars each month in licensing fees. Many ESMMS platform vendors license their technology on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis; the technology is hosted by the vendor and customers log into a web-based dashboard to utilize the system. Several vendors have moved to the cloud, providing customers with simplified data storage and more plug-in connections with third-party apps and software. Licensing fees can be charged by the number of users or seats; by the volume of social media networks or pages tracked; and by the number of locations, brands, or departments on the system. Some vendors offer monthly licenses, while others require an annual contract. Some licenses include more support features than others, so be sure to clarify what is included in the basic license.

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