Google Cloud announces new machine learning features for enterprise use

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  • Are you a big business that’s been thinking you’d like some of that machine learning stuff to help with finding job applicants, doing translation, discovering linkages in data, or maybe building your own knowledge graph? Google’s got new offerings out today to help with those and more.

    The news came during a special press event for the latest with Google Cloud machine learning. Here’s a summary slide of everything:

    Going down the list, Google first announced a way for companies to effectively rent their own machine learning processor next year, a machine learning GPU that’s linked into Google Cloud:

    Yes, GPU as in graphics processing unit. But in these cases, the power GPUs pack with many processors is being repurposed for machine learning rather than gaming needs.

    Google promised that data would be kept secure and says there will be per-minute pricing:

    Google also announced it has dropped the price on its Cloud Vision API, which allows companies to do things like recognize faces, detect entities (people, places and things) and more:

    The Cloud Language API allows for sentiment and other text analysis:

    A new Google Cloud Jobs API is designed to allow companies to better find applicants. Many applicants don’t look for jobs using the words or titles that employers describe openings with. This API has already helped a company like FedEx greatly increase the workers it finds:

    Finally, Google announced a new premium translation tool designed to help enterprises with translation needs:

    For more, see the blog post that’s up from Google here. Jibe — which is using the jobs API — explains more here. You can also catch up with the news as it was announced through our live blog below.

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