Good morning, do you want deeper insights?

We all do, and pivotal martech players are trying to provide them. On Tuesday, Twitter-owned mobile ad exchange, MoPub, said it has partnered with several third-party attribution platforms and will make real-time, impression-level revenue data available to publishers.

The data will be delivered when an ad impression is triggered and will include demand source, ad placement, currency and country information. This will create opportunities for mobile app publishers to access more insights, which should help them make faster decisions on where to double-down on their acquisition efforts.

The third-party attribution partners include Adjust, Appsflyer, Branch, Kochava, Singular, SOOMLA and Tenjin. Publishers will have the option to process the data themselves or through one of the partners via direct integrations with MoPub rather than having to bother with new APIs.

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Jennifer Videtta,
Senior Editor

Pro Tip

Back to basics: Why attribution matters

“If you are tracking results at ANY level, then you are using an attribution model, whether you believe in attribution or not. Therefore, if you’re going to use attribution (and you are), then it should be as accurate as possible,” explains Amy Bishop of Cultivative Marketing. “The goal of attribution is to give better insight into what’s working, what isn’t working and how it all works together. While I’ll be the first to admit that there isn’t a company in the world that has nailed attribution with a 100% degree of confidence, I would also be the first to argue that it’s important to put energy toward making it as accurate as you can.”

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How to check why PPC performance changed

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There are lots of moving pieces in PPC campaigns and that can make it challenging to pinpoint the cause when performance changes. We share the tools to make the process of discovery faster.

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MarTech Minute

An acquisition, an integration, influencer metrics and more buys a branding agency. The website development and hosting company has acquired the brand promotion agency Gefen Team. The agency’s full staff will join Wix’s marketing team as a creative brand department led by Eran Gefen. The Gefen Team collaborated with Wix for its 2016 Super Bowl campaign featuring Disney’s Kung Fu Panda. “We have set a target of becoming one of the world’s 100 strongest and best-loved brands,” said Wix VP of marketing Omer Shai, “I feel sure that with the addition of Gefen Team to our staff, we have made a major step towards this aim.”

WordStream adds Shuttershock inventory. WordStream, an online marketing software and services agency, has integrated Shutterstock images into its WordStream Advisor platform. The integration allows Wordstream users to access Shutterstock’s image library when creating personalized Facebook ads on Wordstream’s platform. “This integration gives our customers quick and easy access to a huge library of great images at no additional cost. It’s a huge win that we expect to see measurable results from,” said WordStream product manager Tanner Elvidge. The company said it has plans to extend the Shutterstock integration to its Smart Ads technology and other advertising channels later this year.

New influencer metrics from Traackr. Influencer marketing platform Traackr rolled out two influencer marketing measurement tools: Influencer Marketing Benchmark (IMB) and Brand Vitality Score (VIT). The IMB metric will give marketers insight into how influencer content impacts their brand, while the VIT score measures the impact of influencer marketing on a brand. Traackr CEO Pierre-Loic Assayag said that influencer marketing has reached an inflection point, with many brands in need of more sophisticated measurement tools. “Traackr’s IMB and Brand Vitality Score answer this challenge by providing a meaningful and transparent framework to measure the impact of influencers on brands and elevates influencer marketing to the level of other core marketing practices,” said Assayag.

Marketsmith’s introduces retail marketing tech. Marketsmith Inc., a data marketing agency, has launched Retail Intelligence, a marketing technology solution designed to give manufacturers and retailers a detailed view of business performance across key functions. “Our retail clients now have the ability to understand true performance, maximize their profit and mitigate their risk through data,” said Marketsmith CEO Monica Smith. Powered by AI, the Retail Intelligence platform gives insight into in-store trends and performance, per store, on a daily basis.

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