Good morning, are you ready to reconsider data regulation policies?

Since the term GDPR first entered our marketing lexicon, data regulation legislation has often been a topic of confusion. The laws are built to restrict how platforms — and, let’s be honest here, marketers — collect and use data, sending many companies scrambling to make sure they’re not overstepping privacy boundaries.

But what if GDPR and the coming CCPA legislation are actually an opportunity to gain a competitive edge? Ben Jackson, general manager of SAP’s Customer Data Cloud, believes businesses should use legislation like GDPR and CCPA to their advantage by incorporating the laws into their companies’ very frameworks. By making consent a core tenet of the business architecture, companies would be able to deliver an elevated customer experience.

“There is a gap between the experience organizations think they are delivering and what customers and consumers actually feel they are receiving from those organizations,” said Jackson. “When we look at the experience economy, organizations will find it hard to compete on product and pricing – the traditional methods of competing — they will instead have to compete with the experience level.”

Zendesk is doing its best to stay ahead of the curve in terms of customer messaging capabilities. The customer service solution has acquired Smooch Technologies, expanding its functionality across various platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and Twitter DM. Smooch was among the first WhatsApp Business providers when the Facebook-owned app launched its Business API. The deal will allow Zendesk customers to connect with WhatsApp’s 1.5 billion users via the Zendesk Chat platform, putting a spotlight on the industry’s push to deliver more options for businesses to connect with consumers via messaging apps.

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Amy Gesenhues,
Senior Editor

Pro Tip

Tread smartly into new technology

“Testing new technologies is expensive, and perilous. Plus, viewers are perceptive: they can smell if something is hacky,” explains Les Seifer of Creative Studio. “If a trending technology aligns with your strategy, great, but don’t invest in a 360-degree video or augmented reality just because it’s cool. Remember the realities of the medium, too. On mobile, for example, people are on the go and probably in the middle of doing something when they see your ad. Prioritize providing real value over some sort of cutting-edge gimmick that doesn’t tie back to your brand. Does every brand need to spend key dollars on unproven media? Only if it provides value to your audience.”

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Live Webinar: 4 Steps to Operationalize Modern Marketing Work - June 11

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Figuring out the right balance between work to be done, when it should be prioritized and which limited resources to use, can be one of marketing’s biggest challenges. Modern marketing work requires modern workflows, and operationalizing those workflows is critical to be effective and scale your resources with the amount of work you’re expected to do. Join our experts as they discuss proven methods and strategies to help your team manage digital work processes with greater speed and efficiency.

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MarTech Minute

A 12-week training course for app marketers

The Bidalgo Accelerator Program. The AI-based ad automation company Bidalgo has launched Bidalgo Accelerator, a 12-week program for app marketers offering training and mentorship opportunities. According to Bidalgo, participants will become experts at growing their mobile app business across Facebook, Google, Snapchat and other major channels by the time they finish the course. “We have meticulously designed and packaged the program in line with the hundreds of app partners we have seen flourish with the support of the Bidalgo platform,” said Bidalgo CRO Peleg Israeli. The program is designed to help small and mid-sized app developers be more competitive and scale their apps.

Freshworks expands offerings with Natero acquisition. Customer engagement software Freshworks has acquired Natero, Inc., a customer success platform. The deal extends Freshworks’ offerings, making it possible for the company to offer clients a unified marketing experience that includes a customer success solution. “The addition of the Natero Customer Success Suite enables businesses to understand their customers better, offer personalized and differentiated service and turn them into passionate advocates and customers for life,” said Freshworks CEO Girish Mathrubootham. ups its fraud protection capabilities., an advertising and publisher solutions company, has selected White Ops’ pre-bid prevention product MediaGuard to assist with fraud prevention. The company will implement MediaGuard across its programmatic display, native and video offerings to safeguard the marketers and publishers on its platform against fraud activity. “Having built significant proprietary tech and processes to combat fraud, is now going a step further by partnering with the market leader in fraud prevention. White Ops is helping us to fulfill our promise to programmatic marketers,” said CEO Vaibhav Arya. Powered by a machine learning algorithm, the White Ops MediaGuard technology learns and adapts in real time, providing an upstream elimination of fraudulent ad requests.

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