Good morning, Marketers, are you ready to put more ad dollars into podcasts? 

Podcorn, a marketplace where podcasters can connect with advertisers, has launched a self-service ad platform powered by machine learning. Advertisers can use the system to build campaigns based on budgets, creative and the types of podcast that most align with their brand. Podcorn’s algorithm analyzes the campaign data, along with each podcaster’s sponsorship graph, to determine which podcast-advertiser relationship will be most beneficial for both parties. 

“We built the infrastructure to connect the dots to gain more context about each podaster’s identity, their content, and what our brands are looking for,” said Podcorn co-founder David Kierzkowski.

Right now, the podcast advertising ecosystem feels a bit like the wild west. But, as more people download and listen to podcasts, audience numbers will likely drive innovation around ad tech platforms capable of supporting the podcast landscape. 

ListenFirst rolled out a new Branded Content Analytics Suite that analyzes influencer and branded content partnerships across Facebook Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr (but, oddly, not Snapchat). The tool will give both brands and media companies cross-platform performance analytics — offering brands a chance to see where their campaigns stand against competitors and giving media platforms quantitative analytics to win over more advertisers. 

AT&T’s VP of Revenue and Strategy for Original Content said ListenFirst’s new tool helped her sales team better prospect and capitalize on sponsorships, and offered a deeper layer of intelligence to tailor their sales strategies.

There’s more below, including a Pro Tip for email marketers explaining why changing your IP address is the worst thing you can do when trying to solve deliverability issues.

Amy Gesenhues,
Senior Editor 

Pro Tip

IP address swapping will only complicate deliverability issues

“When deliverability issues arise, the absolute worst thing you can do is to change your IP. Let me repeat that: switching IPs in the middle of a delivery crisis is really, really bad,” cautions Len Shneyder of Twilio SendGrid. “This is what a spammer would do: they burn through an IP and then move their traffic onto another IP or platform to avoid detection. Delivery issues most often stem from how you obtained the email address in the first place. Diagnosing your opt-in issues, or segmentation, is the first thing you should look at. Switching your IP address will only mean that the problem will follow you and compound as you begin to restart a problematic mail flow from a different source.”

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How to create a seamless cross-channel customer journey with call tracking

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When consumers jump from online to the phone, it can be a frustrating experience. But it doesn’t have to be.

For example, the customer fills out a form online, gets stuck and then decides to call the company. That’s when the relationship usually begins to fall apart. The cause of the communication breakdown is usually the company’s inability to pass data from online to offline realms.

Here’s how you can create a seamless online-to-offline experience for your customers.

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MarTech Minute

Flashtalking launches partnership program, Uberflip’s SnapApp acquisition and Madison Logic releases ABM solution

Independent ad server launches partnership initiative. Independent ad server Flashtalking has launched the Flashtalking Partnership Program. Flashtalking provides advertising integrations with partners including Adobe Advertising Cloud, Media Ocean’s Prima, Nielsen Marketing Cloud and MediaMath. “For independents competing in the shadows of the walled gardens, strategic partnering is critical to success,” said Flashtalking CEO John Nardone. “If you genuinely strive to serve our ecosystem for the long game, as we do, you need a strategy that embraces both friends and competitors in a way that empowers the advertiser at every step of the process. Flashtalking is singularly positioned to deliver because we are 100% media-independent, which allows us to integrate across the ecosystem without conflict. We have launched a well-documented system of public-facing APIs designed to make future integrations fast and easy.”

Uberflip acquires SnapApp. Cloud-based content experience platform Uberflip has acquired personalization tool SnapApp. With the acquisition, Uberflip will bolster its marketing-focused solutions with more insights and increased personalization at scale. “Every go-to-market strategy that a marketer uses, regardless of channel (email, paid advertisements, social, direct mail or other) leads to a destination which is content-based. The opportunity is for marketers to accelerate their buyer’s engagement through their journey by delivering a personalized content experience,” said Yoav Schwartz, CEO and co-founder of Uberflip. “Content makes the biggest impact on a buyer when it’s personal. Bringing SnapApp’s team and capabilities onboard will enable Uberflip to improve lead qualifications for demand marketers by providing additional insights to automate more personalized content experiences.” The acquisition also expands Toronto-based Uberflip’s presence into the U.S. by adding SnapApp’s existing Boston office.

Madison Logic launches new ABM solution. Account-based marketing (ABM) platform Madison Logic has launched its new ML Platform. The solution seeks to help marketers improve upon campaign strategies and accelerate customer journeys. The ML Platform identifies and prioritizes accounts to accelerate them through the sales funnel. “Historically, when B2B marketers attempt to execute an effective ABM strategy, they struggle to piece together traditional demand generation tactics with multiple disparate solutions,” says Tom O’Regan, CEO of Madison Logic. “This causes a gap that often slows down the sales process. Madison Logic’s new ML Platform helps bridge this gap and mobilize marketing and sales teams to operate in sync from start-to-finish to accelerate customer journeys through an increasingly complex funnel.”


“I seriously never knew how many tools we use.”

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