Good morning, even Google is trying to navigate this new landscape. 

Google, the search and ad tech behemoth, is also a digital marketing company that promotes and sells its own hardware, software and services. In that vein, the company says it’s wrestling with the same challenges as other digital marketers when it comes to adapting to GDPR, CCPA and ITP. Google said in a blog post yesterday that it has formed an internal team specifically focused on the issues around privacy, regulation, and ways these changes will affect the company’s marketing capabilities. 

Google also showed examples of ways it’s been using machine learning to serve contextually relevant ads — copy changes automatically to adapt to the content on the page. 

Google is among the companies that have signed onto Unsplash for Brands – a new platform from Unsplash, the free stock photo service. Brands can show sponsored images for relevant search terms on the platform – making them visible to a broad range of Unsplash users and creators. Other early adopters include Harley Davidson, Square, The Honest Company and Boxed Water. Research by Kantar Millward Brown has shown that brands on Unsplash reach mass scale while outperforming TV and digital benchmarks by up to five times on brand lift measures.

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Pro Tip

What’s the best way to ensure data quality? Be proactive

“Data-driven marketing is only as effective as the quality of the data used, underlining the importance of good data hygiene,” explains Kyle Henderick of Yes Marketing. “Quality control measures, such as alerts for outdated lists and ongoing checks for duplicate customers are some easy, proactive steps to ensure good data practices. It’s also important to avoid silos and practice centralized data hygiene across marketing teams to prevent conflicting records.

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Martech Minute

YouAppi’s releases retargeting platform, Insite to come under Episerver fold

YouAppi retargeting tool. Mobile monetization platform YouAppi has released a retargeting solution called ReAppi, which has been in beta for three years. Aimed at app reengagement, marketers can monitor campaign incremental lift by revenue, conversion rate, and user LTV based on the performance of the test group (users exposed to the app retargeting campaign) versus the control group (users not exposed to any ads). A real-time dashboard includes campaign performance insights according to KPIs, ad units, devices, audience segments, and other data points.

Episerver to buy Insite Software. The digital experience company has agreed to buy the B2B commerce solution. “It proves our commitment to invest aggressively behind Episerver’s ambitious customer-centricity strategy, visionary product roadmap and growing market presence,” said Adam Berger, Chairman of Episerver in a statement. Steve Shaffer, CEO of Insite, said, “Combining Insite’s best-in-class commerce capabilities with Episerver’s leading Customer-Centric Digital Experience Platform creates a complete B2B solution second-to-none. Joining Episerver will help us expand the scope of our mission by offering a richer suite of products in a rapidly maturing market.”  


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