Good morning, let’s look back on marketing trends,

As we head into a new year, we are taking stock of the changes and trends of 2019 that will help shape marketing in 2020. Today, we focus on digital marketing with a selection of influential stories and a Pro Tip from the community.


Jennifer Cannon
Senior Editor

1. What impact will 5G have on marketing and advertising? by Barry Levine
Carriers and device makers are rolling out the super-fast wireless service this year, so we asked experts about the potential for marketing and advertising.

2. Why subscription and consumption services need a different kind of marketing by Barry Levine
SAP and McKinsey point to the different approaches needed by marketing and advertising for these growing channels.

3. What working with tech brands taught me about the future of agencies by Ming Chan
As brands become more tech-integrated and act more like nimble startups, agencies must provide the agility, velocity and production processes to be successful.

4. How one marketer uses a chatbot to retain customers by Barry Levine
For cleaning product maker TriNova, a Facebook Messenger chatbot keeps customers engaged with the brand and buying more products than other customers.

5. The coming battle between ABM and marketing automation tools by Barry Levine
Gartner VP/analyst Todd Berkowitz talks about the evolution of Account-Based Management and what it might mean for marketers.

6. The digital natives are restless by Lewis Gersh
A look at the innovative ways digitally native vertical brands are creating “tactile extensions” to further their reach.

7. Why marketers need to help manage digital transformations by Barry Levine
Two new reports — from Forrester and Altimeter — show the organizational challenges to becoming digital.

Pro Tip Throwback

Time to shift from marketing automation to orchestration

“B2B teams should focus on orchestrating the programs, processes, data and tech to get more out of your investments and gain a better understanding of your target accounts and existing customers,” explains Scott Vaughan of Integrate. “When a new piece of tech is acquired, teams should 1) make sure it’s tied to your organization’s strategy 2) that it fixes substantial problems or creates new opportunities and 3) that it works with what you have already invested in.”

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Resource Spotlight

The Periodic Table of SEO Factors 2019

Since its debut in 2011, Search Engine Land’s Periodic Table of SEO has become a globally recognized tool that search professionals have relied on to help them understand the elements essential to a winning SEO strategy. The completely redesigned 2019 update contains elements that are foundational or increasingly toxic to an SEO strategy or represent verticals that are still emerging. 

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