Good morning, let’s look back on marketing management.

As we head into a new year, we are taking stock of the changes and trends of 2019 that will help shape marketing in 2020. Today, we focus on digital marketing management with a selection of influential stories and a Pro Tip from the community.


Jennifer Cannon
Senior Editor

1. Marketers moving away from home-grown tools, hiring fresh teams for new martech by Jennifer Cannon
About 83% of marketers have upgraded or replaced at least one martech application in the past year, we found out in our Martech Replacement Survey.

2. Scott Brinker lays out vision for Second Golden Age of MarTech by Barry Levine
In preparing this year’s MarTech Landscape, Brinker sees a new blending that is helping to solve the industry’s three big challenges.

3. Marketers react to Gartner finding: Martech spending now exceeds staff costs by Barry Levine
A recent report by the research firm indicates that a corner may have been turned for marketing budgets.

4. 6 product launch challenges that require agile product development solutions by Jay Rampuria
Launching a successful new product means truly understanding your consumers and what they need.

5. If you want to be agile, you may need to change your company’s culture by Stacey Ackerman
Adapting agile practices at the team level may lead to some process improvements and efficiency, but agility is not just for the worker-bees Рit’s about organizational change.

6. Martech in 2020: Agility, operations and decisioning are vital to success by Anand Thaker
To win in the next few years, attracting top talent, collaboration and Intelligence to leverage the martech stack will be vital for success. Empowering people will elevate brands.

7. Are revenue optimization teams the answer to alignment issues? by Jennifer Cannon
It is more critical than ever that sales and marketing collaborate in the end-to-end sales process.

Pro Tip Throwback

Improve customer experience with scenario analysis

“Are you ready for customer experience to be your differentiator? If so, then one valuable step is to tap the power of scenario analysis,” encourages MarTech East speaker Laura Patterson of VisionEdge Marketing. “The fundamental ingredient for scenario analysis – whether to anticipate, plan and improve customer experience or some other aspect of the organization – is developing the scenarios. Creating scenarios is both art and science. The science side of the process requires data and timing information. Scenarios to support real-time marketing and customer experience can be created based on the answers to the following types of questions: 1) What data can change regarding customers, the market, and the competition? By how much? 2) What data are predictive of a key prospect or customer behavior? 3) What data are essential for effectively engaging with customers and prospects? 4) What data are required to support a consistent cross-channel customer experience?”

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7 easy ways to multiply your conversions

In this free guide, Sharpspring outlines seven simple ways marketers can use dynamic content to connect with audiences in a more organic and personalized way. Learn how to personalize your emails, landing pages, forms, pop-ups and more using dynamic content.

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Resource Spotlight

Marketing Technology & Operations Salary Survey 2019

Our second-annual survey of marketing operations professionals features compensation and job function insights that can help inform your own role and organization. The gender gap persists, we found, kicking in around a base salary of $125,000. The survey data also indicates women in martech and operations roles are less likely to have received promotions. 

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Leftover 2019 budget? Put it to great use!

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