Good morning, let’s look back on adtech.

As we head into a new year, we are taking stock of the changes and trends of 2019 that will help shape marketing in 2020. Today, we focus on adtech with a selection of influential stories and a Pro Tip from the community.


Jennifer Cannon
Senior Editor

1. The ad industry continues its quest toward fewer cookies and more consistent user IDs by Barry Levine
The IAB Tech Lab’s DigiTrust and the Advertising ID Consortium chart different, but intersecting, paths toward the goal of an industry-wide identity resolution.

2. Truth in Measurement launches to create standards for sharing ad measurement data by Barry Levine
Following Google’s move last spring to no longer share its DoubleClick ID, the new industry effort is looking for a solution outside the walled gardens.

3. Google Ad Manager adopting first price auctions for programmatic display, video by Ginny Marvin
The decision comes amid industry calls for greater transparency and simplicity in programmatic.

4. Digital out-of-home advertising is fracturing into many channels by Barry Levine
With the coming of 5G, programmatic bidding and AR, DOOH is rapidly evolving beyond its initial position as a video version of a static billboard.

5. Optimizing for attention: Viewability gives rise to time-in-view metrics, poses challenges by Robin Kurzer
How viewability expectations are evolving and what that means for marketers.

6. Advertisers: You’re overpaying for inventory. Here’s how I know by Steven Ohrnstein
DSPs get paid a tech fee based on the percentage of spend and therefore have zero incentive to help you spend less in their platform.

7. Google to address ad frequency with machine learning when cookies aren’t available by Ginny Marvin
The feature will launch first in Display & Video and eventually come to Google Ads.

Pro Tip Throwback

With the right strategy, video can help local businesses

“Video is intimidating for a lot of local businesses. It costs more and takes a much broader skill set than most other types of online marketing. But, there’s a bright side to this,” explains Jacob Baadsgaard of Disruptive Advertising. “Anytime something is hard to do, there’s a business opportunity to be found. In this case, the fact that video is hard means that most local businesses aren’t doing it. That leaves the field wide open for any companies that learn how to make video work. So, if you take the time to figure out a workable video ad strategy, you’ll often be way ahead of the competition. Even if the competition is already doing video ads, if you can get in on the game (or figure out how to do them more effectively), you’ll be able to stay relevant and maintain your competitive edge.”

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What’s a DAM and why should marketers care?

Digital Asset Management platforms, often called DAMs, are software programs that store, organize and enable the more efficient use of an organization’s entire library of digital assets. This new guide from MarTech Today answers the following questions — What features do DAMs provide? What’s driving the growth DAMs? Does your company need one? It also includes profiles of 18 leading vendors, capabilities comparisons, pricing information, and recommended steps for evaluating.

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Resource Spotlight

Digital Agency Survey 2019

Digital agencies have been on the leading edge of digital transformation, but they are not immune to the challenges of adapting to changing technologies, advances in automation and evolving client capabilities and staff skill requirements needed to evolve. Strategic services will become a greater priority as campaign execution and management becomes increasingly automated. Agencies are also sensitive to client in-housing trends, however, most agencies surveyed in our report were planning to add services in the coming year and hiring — or trying to. Many reported having trouble filling positions in a competitive market. 

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