Good morning, has your martech role changed in the last five years? 

We’ve come a long way since 2014. The martech landscape has grown from 1,000 solutions to more than 7,000 — and with it, massive adoption of martech platforms across organizations of all sizes. Once upon a time, marketing technology and the people who managed it were on the outer edges of the marketing organization. But now, as martech has become integral to marketing strategy, marketing technologists are often the primary drivers of marketing outcomes. 

“You need talented people to implement and harness all that technology, and there’s a lot of room for specialization,” says Scott Brinker, MarTech Conference Chair and the voice behind The two of us recently discussed how marketing technologist roles have evolved since the early days of martech and the four martech archetypes he has defined as central to the marketing technology organization: Operations Orchestrator, Brand/Demand Builder, Analytics Architect and Marketing Maker.

Brinker acknowledges that all four roles, and their responsibilities, often overlap, but he believes the vast majority of marketing technologists fit in the Brand/Demand Builder role — the marketers who are actively using martech to implement and manage campaigns. Of course, this all depends on the size of your organization. Larger enterprises are more likely to have, not only, separate roles but separate departments for marketing operations, data science and app development, while smaller businesses may have a single director of martech overseeing it all. 

For video marketers looking for an all-in-one solution, Brightcove has released a video campaign app to create, manage and analyze video demand generation campaigns. Brightcove Campaign offers click-to-publish capabilities across multiple channels, advanced analytics and benchmark analytics, and integration with Eloqua, Marketo, HubSpot and Salesforce. 

Meanwhile, Google announced it was phasing out support for third-party cookies in its Chrome browser by 2022. The company says its objective is to create, “A secure environment for personalization that also protects user privacy.”

Keep reading for a Pro Tip on customer relationship management and the latest updates from InfoSum and Elastic Path.

Amy Gesenhues,
Senior Editor 

Pro Tip

Manage your customer relationships more effectively in 2020

“Consumers want to engage and develop relationships with brands, but they want to do so on their own terms,” explains Jim Yu of BrightEdge. “However, no one likes a hard sell. Consumers are looking to brands for advice, entertainment, engagement, education and guidance through their purchasing journey. Brands have an opportunity to nurture these relationships.“

“What to consider for 2020: 1) Do we have technology in place to answer consumer questions intelligently on whatever platform or device they are on? 2) Once we have engaged a consumer, does the experience in our follow-up help solve the need that brought them to us in the first place? 3) Are webinars, social media conversations, and other two-way customer conversations just one-off interactions, or could we use technology to create and repurpose brand-building content from these relationships?”

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3 Easy steps to complete your annual PPC checkup

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Buck up, search marketers! 2020 is here and those who want to dominate search marketing need to start the year on the healthiest footing possible. Great planning and powerhouse strategies require deep analysis of what has been working and what hasn’t. You need to identify early signs of problems, know where opportunities exist, and be even more crisp at keeping key stakeholders posted about how your hard work is ensuring the overall health of their campaigns.

Use these techniques to make sure your PPC accounts are in great shape all year long.

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MarTech Minute

Elastic Path makes headless commerce acquisition

Elastic Path expands coverage with acquisition of Moltin. API-based platform Elastic Path announced that it has acquired Moltin. Moltin employees — including engineering, customer support, sales, marketing and operations — have integrated into Elastic Path from its offices in Boston, MA and Newcastle, England. “Moltin brings a considerable amount of net-new technology to Elastic Path, including multi-tenant SaaS microservices, intuitive business user tooling, and new ready-to-use commerce experiences,” said Harry Chemko, CEO and co-founder of Elastic Path. 

Affiliate marketing provider raises $50 million. Affiliate marketing and automation platform Partnerize announced a $50 million growth financing round led by Accel-KKR. The platform, which offers brands solutions including co-marketing programs, performance deals with publishers, influencer marketing, loyalty programs and affiliates, currently supports over 300 brands. It seeks to smooth partnership management for brands including telecommunications companies and airlines.

InfoSum and zeotap announce partnership. First-party data platform InfoSum announced a strategic partnership with global identity and data platform zeotap. Through this partnership, the tech companies hope to offer brands a compliance-driven solution to improve data analysis. “In the matching and sharing process, there is a significant amount of effort and cost in matching the data,” said Bret Leece, global chief data and innovation officer at Havas Media Group. “Often, the match does not produce the desired scale or the additional data doesn’t add value. The partnership will enable our clients to securely match their first-party data and explore integrations with other data partners, before costly integration.”


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