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Are you currently investing in personalization? A majority of marketers say they have budgets defined for personalization initiatives and the martech in place to implement personalized campaigns, according to a recent report from Merkle. But Gartner predicts 80% of marketers will drop their personalization efforts in the next five years because they won’t see the ROI from it or will face too many obstacles when trying to manage the customer data needed to implement personalization campaigns. 

“In order to be successful, digital marketers now need to provide meaningful experiences to their consumers in real-time with speed and precision and at scale,” says BrightEdge COO Krish Kumar, “Personalization is a big part of that delivery system, but many marketers have traditionally struggled to keep pace of consumer change and tailor experiences in a systematic way across not just one, but all of their digital channels.”

So what do we do? Dropping personalization all together isn’t the answer — but, maybe we need to reconsider how we measure the success of our personalization initiatives. Gartner suggests marketers should be looking at the “superior outcomes” personalization can deliver and not focusing on campaign-level results: “Marketing leaders focused on a marketing use case must shift from campaign performance to business impact as a measure of personalization effectiveness.” 

In other news, Merkle has launched New Stream Media, a service that enables retailers to monetize their customer data and sell advertising via media programs on and off their website. The ad tech and measurement for the new service is supported by Google Marketing Platform and Google Ad Manager, making it possible for retailers to target more broadly across Google properties using their own first-party data.

We have more for you below, including new martech solutions from Braze, PreciseTarget and Boomi. 

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Pro Tip

Reward-driven campaigns have neuroscience behind them

“Imagine that you’re launching a series of commercials (or videos if you’re working with a smaller budget). As a neurotransmitter that facilitates goal-directed behavior, dopamine can motivate your audience to watch commercials with added interest – as long as you set the stage with the first commercial,” explains Jade Bunke of National Technical Systems. “If anticipation spikes dopamine, and dopamine drives behavior, you can develop anticipation between commercials to facilitate the desired behavioral response.”

“How do you create a reward-driven campaign using commercials or videos? One tactical approach is to develop a cohesive narrative that plays like a movie over multiple commercials. By making sure each clip contains a reward along with a small cliff-hanger, you can get your audience to anticipate what the next commercial might reveal, thereby giving your brand access to one of the most valuable things in a competitive business environment – your audience’s attention.“

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Build Brand Humanity by mastering empathy at scale

More human communication leads to demonstrably better business results. But putting humanity into action is easier said than done. Technology can help businesses forge more human connections between consumers and the brands they love. That’s why Braze commissioned two powerful studies conducted by Forrester Consulting to dig deeper into this important topic. Join this webinar with Braze and Forrester where they discuss the latest Brand Humanity research findings.

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MarTech Minute

Customer engagement platform announces new machine learning suite, tools and partnerships

Braze launches machine learning capabilities. Braze has announced a number of new features and product expansions that are expected to help brands beef up cross-channel marketing, customer retention and increase customer loyalty. “We’re already in the age of automation, but AI and machine learning can still be perceived as cumbersome and difficult to figure out,” said Kevin Wang, vice president of product at Braze. “With Braze’s new Predictive Suite and streamlined Intelligence Suite, we’re aiming to provide brands a platform that is both effective and easy to use.”

Data profiling company launches beta product for retail marketers. PreciseTarget, which claims to profile the retail buying preferences of over 200 million US consumers, announced the beta launch of ‘Consumer Taste Profile’ data sets. According to PreciseTarget, Consumer Taste Profiles do not rely on cookies, clickstream data or personally identifiable information (PII), making the technology compliant with current and future digital privacy regulations. “Everyone knows that the retail industry is at a crossroads, and we’re here to throw retailers a lifeline by enabling a true omnichannel marketing strategy based on consumers’ individual taste,” said PreciseTarget CEO Rob McGovern.

Boomi announces Retail 360 ‘Accelerator’. According to Boomi, the new solution connects and unifies items, products, customers, payments and fulfillment data regardless of underlying application, catalog, market or channel. “It’s widely acknowledged that online commerce became mainstream in the last decade, however, the retail industry needs to morph and embrace change once again if it’s to succeed in this new decade,” said Ed Macosky, Senior Vice President of Product, UX and Solutions at Boomi. “Retail companies need to embrace the change, think of themselves of providers of highly personalized customer experiences, and harness the data to deliver unique and differentiated customer journeys.”


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