Good morning, have you looked at the Martech Landscape lately? 

Scott Brinker is updating the Marketing Technology Landscape supergraphic and needs your help. This year, Brinker has decided to crowdsource information for the 2020 release. If you haven’t looked at the landscape since last year, please take a moment to review the graphic and let Scott know what solutions need to be added or list the companies that need to be removed (we’ve created separate forms for each task).  

This will be the ninth year for the now famous graphic — a project Brinker first started in 2011 when he put together a kaleidoscope of about 150 martech company logos. “I had no idea the beast that project was going to become. It didn’t just double, or triple, or even quadruple in size.

It grew more than 4,500%, within only eight years,” says Brinker. 

DoubleVerify has launched a certification program for ad tech players in the CTV space. The company’s CTV Targeted Certification program aims to fight fraudulent ad and invalid traffic (IVT) across the programmatic ad economy. To be certified, platforms must show their ability to prevent fraud and IVT using DoubleVerify’s pre-bid app and device fraud protection for CTV ad inventory. Amobee MediaMath, SpotX, The Trade Desk and Xandr and the first companies to receive the certification. There has been a 120% increase in fraudulent CTV and mobile apps year-on-year, according to DoubleVerify’s data, with approximately 100,000 new CTV devices identified as fraudulent every day.

Today at 1:00 p.m. ET, MarTech Today’s Jennifer Cannon will be hosting the Emerging Elements for Email Marketing in 2020 webinar along with April Mullen, director of strategic insights at SparkPost and co-founder of the nonprofit organization, Women of Email. Register for the event now so you can listen in to hear Jennifer and April as they explore everything from what you need to know about BIMI to the latest AI advancements in email, the role voice will play in your email marketing efforts and more. 

Don’t stop reading yet, we have a Pro Tip for you on customer experience and the latest industry news stories we’ve been sharing on Slack.

Amy Gesenhues,
Senior Editor 

Pro Tip

Think differently about customer feedback data in 2020

“When you think of the customer feedback ecosystem, or the customer feedback economy, whatever you want to call it, there’s many, many places where information about your business is being left,” explains Adam Dorfman of Reputation. “And those could be on review sites. They could be on the question and answer sort of sites like Google My Business Knowledge Panels, or Quora. It can be in forms. It can be messaging. It can be all sorts of different, all sorts of different places.”

“If you aren’t tracking all of those different places in the wild, where this information is being left either solicited or not solicited (more often than not, not solicited), you’re missing a huge opportunity in being able to understand what customers really think about your business and how to improve your business operationally, to make a better business and to improve the customer experience.”

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7 easy ways to multiply your conversions

In this free guide, Sharpspring outlines seven simple ways marketers can use dynamic content to connect with audiences in a more organic and personalized way. Learn how to personalize your emails, landing pages, forms, pop-ups and more using dynamic content.

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On the move

ZoomInfo launches two B2B mobile apps

ZoomInfo debuts new apps. ZoomInfo has announced the launch of two new B2B applications, CommunitieZ Go and ZoomInfo Mobile. The applications seek to support the growing demand for instant access to B2B data. “It doesn’t matter if you’re a traditional sales or marketing professional or have an entirely different job function, the modern B2B professional is mobile,” said ZoomInfo Founder and CEO Henry Schuck. “They don’t just need to stay connected; they need to stay informed and opportunistic, too.”

Personalization technology helps drive growth in UK. Personalization tool Kameleoon and the popular parenting website Mumsnet have come together to increase and improve personalized experiences for customers. According to Mumsnet, the tools support personalization for 10 million active users on its site. The company credits Kameleoon for an uplift of 89% in click-thru rates alone.


Get your marketing team on the same page

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