Good morning, how’s your ad targeting game in the CTV space? 

Tapad, the company behind the Tapad Graph identity resolution platform, has partnered with the ad tech company AcuityAds. The partnership combines Tapad’s identity resolution capabilities with AcuityAds’ cross-device targeting solutions, with special focus on AcuityAds’ cross-channel CTV offering. 

Tapad’s Senior VP of Strategy and Partnerships Chris Feo said his company’s integration with AcuityAds’ DSP will not only help marketers optimize their current cross-device campaigns, but will also increase reach across additional digital screens long-term. Having access to enhanced CTV targeting capabilities is a boon for advertisers looking to invest more in CTV ad campaigns — a growing trend per reports forecasting CTV ad spend to grow as much as 31% this year, reaching $5 billion. 

The partnership is the fourth for Tapad in less than five months. Since October, the company has partnered with Knorex, Lifesight, Retargetly, and now, AcuityAds. 

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Amy Gesenhues,
Senior Editor 


Why email marketing should work, and why it often doesn’t

On paper, email marketing should work. In practice, however, it doesn’t actually deliver the results businesses need, which is probably why so many companies choose not to invest in it.

Consumers are sick and tired of irritating, irrelevant marketing content. They want to be able to control what content they get, where they get it and when they have to deal with it, which is probably why most say they prefer email marketing content.

The reason why email marketing doesn’t work for most businesses isn’t a problem with the channel itself. It’s the fact that businesses don’t know how to use the channel effectively.

Email marketing might not be the sexiest way to promote your business, but if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, it can be one of the steadiest, most profitable ways to grow.

The data is out there, and if one thing’s for certain, it’s that companies who really invest in email marketing get great results. Those who don’t – or only make a token effort – end up frustrating and alienating their customers.

Jacob Baadsgaard is the founder and CEO of Disruptive Advertising


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On the move

Avaya, Zignal Labs and AUDIENCEX beef up their C-suites

Simon Harrison is joining the communications solution provider Avaya as a senior vice president and chief marketing officer, effective January 27. Harrison will oversee the company’s global marketing efforts. “He is a tremendous addition to our team, and with the market insights and unique perspectives acquired from his work as an analyst and advisor, Simon will drive deeper awareness and preference for Avaya solutions with our expanding global network of customers and partners,” said Avaya CEO Jim Chirico. Prior to joining Avaya, Harrison was with Gartner, serving as a research director and was a lead analyst for the unified communications and contact center industry. During his career, he has held marketing and product management roles at a number of companies, including Cirrus, Vocalcom and Siebel Systems. 

Zignal Labs has promoted Jennifer Granston to the role of Chief Customer Officer where she will lead the company’s customer engagement and experience initiatives and manage multiple business units, including customer success, implementation, and training teams. “Jennifer has worked closely with our top customers to help them realize concrete business gains,” said CEO Adam Beaugh, “She has become an integral member of the team, and we look forward to her continued leadership.” Granston formerly served as the company’s head of strategy and insights, a role she took on in March, 2019 when she first joined Zignal Labs. 

The digital ad platform AUDIENCEX has named Brian Ko as its new Chief Commercial Officer. Ko will oversee the company’s sales, strategy, client services and marketing teams. “Brian has a proven leadership ability to help scale businesses like ours and drive continued rapid market expansion,” said AUDIENCEX COO and Co-founder Jason Wulfsohn, “With this latest addition to our executive team, coupled with investment from Decathlon, we expect to significantly build on the growth we saw in 2019.” AUDIENCEX recently received a multi-million dollar investment from Decathlon Capital Partners. Ko comes to AUDIENCEX from the native video marketplace platform Teads where he led the revenue team. 


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