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That might be the secret to setting your marketing technology team up for success. Organizations lacking the agility — or the willingness to adapt and adopt certain practices will fall behind their competition. Embracing an agile state of mind and applying it to how you manage your customer data gives marketers opportunities to find unique ways to work with the data to orchestrate better customer journeys. 

There has been a significant increase in the number of marketers claiming “sole responsibility” over customer experience programs, according to Gartner’s 2019 CX Management Survey. Customer journey mapping, customer personas, voice of the customer programs and user experience are all initiatives that have seen a shift in ownership.

The fact that companies are now more likely to connect positive CX outcomes with lifts in revenue translates to more money being invested in customer experience programs. This should be good news for the teams taking ownership, but unfortunately CX budgets are not shifting to marketing as quickly as CX initiatives have.

There’s more to read below including a Soapbox on mastering security practices in the marketing world.

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Don’t make assumptions about your brand's security

If you’ve historically placed your trust around security in cloud providers or assumed IT has it covered and you will be protected, now is the time to change your thinking and get geared up for changes coming at you in 2020, It would be best if you began mastering security practices and applying them in the marketing world, especially since 90% of consumers believe companies must be more proactive about data protection.

It should not come as any surprise that with marketing’s elevated value and visibility, there comes great responsibility to be a part of the security solution

By getting ahead of security and adopting sound practices into everyday marketing efforts, you will make it easier for you and the organization to respond if a security event occurs. More importantly, though, you will make it possible to easily overcome such an event and get back to a healthy life faster, preserving as much of your reputation as possible.

Kristina Podnar of NativeTrust


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Only 34% of retail marketers are using automation technology for social ad campaigns’s recent “2020 Social Advertising Trends in Retail” report found only 34% of retail marketers are currently using automation technology to create and deliver social ad campaigns — with a meager 16% claiming “sufficient and successful” automation processes.

“In total, 83% of companies are either interested in automating at least part of their social advertising process or they’d like to improve their existing process,” according to’s findings. 

When asked if they agree with the statement “Our social advertising creation and delivery involves manual processes that are often time-consuming,” 61% of the survey respondents answered “Yes.”  As points out in its report, even with the onslaught of new ad tools, automated process solutions and UX updates to various ad platforms, the majority of retail marketers are still using manual processes to run social campaigns. 

You can download the full report here: Social Advertising Trends in Retail: A 2020 Perspective


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